Ivy Tech Community College is the
right choice, now more than ever

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Indiana’s most affordable classes are offered at Ivy Tech Community College’s Indianapolis campus. The fall semester is quickly approaching with classes starting on August 24. Ivy Tech will provide students with the option to take classes face-to-face, online, and/or virtually to ensure your safety.

We understand this is a challenging time, but don’t put your education on hold. No matter what your ultimate goal is, whether it is earning an associate degree or transferring credits toward a bachelor’s degree, Ivy Tech is the right choice.

How are classes going to be offered in August?

We look forward to having students back on campus for August classes while ensuring your safety and needs. We will offer classes face-to-face while also continuing to offer a robust schedule of virtual and online options. You will be able to choose* week-to-week how you want to “attend” your class, especially if your personal situation changes and would make attending a face-to-face class difficult or a risk to your safety or to the safety of others.

What programs are available at Indianapolis?

View Indianapolis's full list of programs.

Who can I talk to about the programs you offer? Who can help me with next steps?

Our teams are still here to help you, just virtually!

I’m ready to get started. What do I do next?

Apply for free! It only takes about ten minutes, then you can enrolled in classes. There are only a few steps to enroll and one is to meet with an advisor. Advisors are available virtually via Zoom, phone, or email.

What support will I have as I begin taking classes?

Everyone at Ivy Tech is committed to making a difference in your life. That’s why we are offering virtual free tutoring, transfer of credit guidance, and additional support to help as you adjust to college life.

*Course delivery may vary by program/course requirements.