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Personal Finance


Learn how to make sound financial decisions

What You’ll Learn

The instructor has taught personal finance for 30 years and coached thousands of families through messy financial situations. When they do the things taught in this course their finances become more stable. But it's way more than that: Using the information and skills taught in this course transforms lives. It improves marriages and relationships. It reduces stress. It removes distractions from day to day responsibilities. It makes people better employees. It frees people's thinking to do the things that they dream of doing. It instills confidence and restores hope. It does not matter how young or old someone is. It does not matter whether they are in a financial mess or are doing okay. The things taught in this class will level up personal finances for the course participants who choose to do the things taught to them. The instructor is so passionate about this subject and what healthy practices in our personal finances can do to transform individual lives, families, workplaces, and communities.

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Offered only through the Terre Haute campus.

Upcoming Classes

We’re sorry, this class is not currently scheduled at the Terre Haute campus, but it may be offered again in the future.

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