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Kids College

Looking for an opportunity to send your kids to college?  Ivy Tech Community College in Sellersburg is offering a unique program this summer that is geared for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  There are exciting, high interest classes such as, Cooking, Lego Robotics, Science, Art, Animal Explorations and more! 

Kids College 2024 will be June 13-14. We are also hosting a 1-day program for middle school students on Tuesday, June 25!

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  • Thank you for your interest in Kids College 2024. At this time, registration is closed for 2024. If you are interested in Ivy Institute, our program for middle schoolers, please click here: 

    We have some exciting new classes this year, as well as some previous favorites.  The Kentucky Science Center will be leading a few of our classes too! 

     The Inventor's Lab:
    Find the inventor within you! Students will investigate how inventors work and make discoveries. You will engage in problem-solving, creative thinking, and collaboration through invention-based learning. You will even gain a glimpse into the world of inventors by using “Little Bits” kits (hands-on learning system that enables students to learn STEAM, then challenges them to apply these concepts to solve problems)!

    Master Chef:
    Let’s cook up some fun while learning the importance of measurement, timing and ingredients. Follow recipes and learn chef secrets from a pro! Don’t forget to wear an apron! You’ll start your own recipe collection, sure to wow your family or any company you are entertaining, in this delicious class!

    Mission to Mars:
    3, 2, 1 Blastoff!  In this course, students will get to experience what it takes to send a Rocket to Mars. Students will work together to brainstorm, design, and create a Mars Colony Model.

    Lego Robotics:
    Do you like to build things? Here you will have the opportunity to imagine, build, and program robots using Lego Spike Kits! Robots are used in your everyday life…and now you have the power to create your own and see how they work! This adventure will have you exploring the fascinating world of robotics using legos!

    Dessert Decorating:
    Are you always asking to help in the kitchen? Make our classroom your kitchen and decorate away! Explore your expertise at decorating COOKIES or CUPCAKES, while learning some inventive, yummy ways to create edible designs! Things may get messy, so come prepared with appropriate clothing!

    3D Pen Polymers:
    Create, draw, doodle and build!  Bring your imagination to life and learn how polymers can be used with a 3D pen. Students will get hands on experience with creating their own 3D structures and learn how their design can be utilized in the real world. 

    Art Lab
    Discover your imaginative and artistic potential! As a young artist you will be exposed to an assortment of different art experiences. We will also work with different textures and supplies  to design one of a kind art project that you will take home to proudly display!

    Health and Fitness Warriors: 

    Do you have lots of energy and love being active? Our Health and Fitness Warriors class is designed to make exercise fun and engaging through a variety of activities, including games, obstacle courses and yoga! In addition to physical fitness, this class also focuses on overall wellness. Students need to wear tennis shoes and athletic wear for this class.

    Escape Room Adventure: Unlocking Mystery & Fun!

    Ready to unleash your inner detective skills?  In this unique class, you'll find yourself immersed with hidden clues, mind-bending puzzles, and exciting challenges! You and your teammates will race against the clock to solve each puzzle. Test your problem-solving skills, teamwork, and creativity like never before!

    Under the Sea:

    Dive into an ocean of fun and discovery! Students will learn about the wonders of marine life and ocean ecosystems. As a thrilling highlight, students will also have the unique opportunity to dissect a squid! Through this hands-on experience, they'll gain insights into squid anatomy, behavior, and their vital role in the marine ecosystem. 


    Please reach out with any questions!  Looking forward to seeing your kiddos in June!