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ITEP- Integrated Training and Educational Pathways

Ivy Tech’s Integrated Training and Education Pathways (ITEP) will expand opportunities at Ivy Tech for high school students to gain industry skills and valuable credentials. ITEP is a career and technical education program developed in partnership with high schools and career centers, as well as local industry. 

ITEP is designed to encourage school districts, institutions of higher education, the workforce investment system, and their partners to scale up evidence-based high school models that will transform the high school experience for the students of the Kokomo Service Area and beyond.  

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The Pillars of ITEP

  • Start in High School! Rigorous academic and career focused curriculums will:

    • Increase employability in high wage, high demand jobs
    • Prepare you for post-secondary education
    • Create opportunities for long-term occupational skills training
    • Create opportunities for apprenticeships 


  • Strong partnerships within industries strive to provide work-based learning opportunities.

    • Complete internships
    • Participate in field trips
    • Job Shadow
    • Opportunities of exposure to various career paths
    • Start your professional development now
    • Learn workplace expectations


    • Employer partners provide work-based learning and mentoring, creating a path for students in high demand industries and occupations including:
      • Information Technology
      • Smart Manufacturing and Digital Integration
      • Automotive 
      • Technology
      • Engineering
    • Employers work with Ivy Tech to promote jobs for Ivy Tech pathways
  • As an integral part of the program design. you are provided with individualized career and academic counseling (in your high school classroom) experiences to strengthen your career and post-secondary awareness and explore opportunities beyond high school.

  • You will participate in education and training, while you are in highschool.  This provides dual credit toward a post-secondary degree or certificate and an industry recognized credential (where appropriate)

If you are a student or parent and have questions, please contact:

Erin Brindle 
College Connection Coach



If you are a business and have questions, please contact:

Jhordan Lee 
Talent Connection Manager