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Classes that Transfer to IU

become a guest student and transfer your credits to IU

Apply now and register for online or on-campus classes as a Guest Student at Ivy Tech Bloomington and transfer your credits back to Indiana University! More than 200 Ivy Tech classes transfer to IU. Taking classes as a guest student is a great way to take general education classes, catch up on credits, or get ahead.

Apply Now as a Guest Student

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see classes that transfer

Visit to see how your courses from Ivy Tech will transfer to Indiana University. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor to find out what classes you need to complete your degree requirements. See upcoming Ivy Tech start dates 

save on college costs

Students can earn a full associate degree or certificate at Ivy Tech that transfers to IU and other colleges. Learn more

How to Get Started

    1.  Complete an online, free guest student application. Select Bloomington campus.
    2. Self-register for classes in Schedule Builder via MyIvy. Note, once we receive your application, it will be processed within one-two business days. Information on how to access your MyIvy Student Portal will be shared via email.
    3. Pay your tuition online via MyIvy.
  • Q1 I’ve taken classes before. Do I need to submit a new application again?

    A: Yes, guest students are required to submit a guest student application for every semester that they would like to register for courses.

    Q2 What if I can’t get into MyIvy?

    A: Your information may not match what we have on file. Please email to inquire about your account information. Please include your: Name (First and Last), C#, Date of Birth, and your zip code. We will then verify the information and get in touch.

    Q3 How do I register for/add a class?

    A: Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email from our guest student team instructing you to complete registration for the courses requested. If you need to add classes that were not originally on your application, please email us to make those changes. If you need to swap sections or drop a course, you can do so on your own via MyIvy. Please refer to the Tuition Sheet on our website for information about refunds and drop dates.

    Q4 What if I want to add a course that I did not include in my original application?

    A: If you need to add a new course please email with the course information (course number and name).

    Q5 What if my course is full?

    A: If the course is full, our team will provide you with options for different part of term sections or information on how to join the course’s waitlist. Please note, there is no guarantee that you will be allowed entry into a course that is at capacity.

    Q6 Why am I getting a pre-requisite error when I try to register?

    A: This means you need to a) turn in a guest application b) your application has not been processed by our team (allow 2-3 days for application processing and wait for the email from our team) or c) you are trying to add a course that you did not put on your application. Email the name of the course to so that we can add waivers that allow you to register.

    Q7 What if I get the “course has been attempted the maximum number of times” error?

    A: If you have attempted the course at Ivy Tech Community College the maximum number of times, please email so that we can discuss your options.

    Q8 What if I get dropped for Non-Payment?

    A: Call the Bursar at 812-330-6075 or email to discuss reinstatement requirements and options.

    Q9 I sent in my application already. Why have I not heard back?

    A: The guest student team processes applications Monday – Friday. Applications are processed in the order in which they were received. Please note that during weekends, holidays, and peak periods processing time may take longer than 48 hours.

    Q10 Can I get financial aid at Ivy Tech Community College to pay for my guest student class?

    A: Students cannot receive financial aid from two different institutions. If you believe you are part of a program which allows you to use funds to cover the cost of the class, please contact the Financial Aid office at 812-330-6160 or email

    Q11 I need to order a transcript to send back to my home school?

    A: You can order your transcript through your My Ivy account by clicking on your Student tab, selecting Course Info and Request Official Transcripts. This will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse website and they will process your request. Please note that all transcripts must be sent directly to your institution for them to be considered official.

    Electronic transcripts need to be sent directly to the school – make sure you have the correct email address!

    You may also visit the Bursar’s office, pay $5, and file paperwork for us to mail your transcript. This takes 7-10 business days.

    Contact information and resources for commonly referenced offices:

    Guest Applications:


    Financial Aid: