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Ivy Tech’s Integrated Technology Education Program (ITEP) will expand opportunities at Ivy Tech for high school students to gain industry skills and valuable credentials. ITEP is a career pathway program in industrial technology developed in partnership with high schools and career centers, as well as local industry.

In April 2014, Ivy Tech Community College in Kokomo was one of 24 grantees across the United States to receive funding to participate in The Youth CareerConnect Grant doleta.gov/ycc/ awarded by the Department of Labor.  This grant focuses on the workforce skills gaps by developing training programs for youth before they graduate from high school.  The amount awarded to the Ivy Tech Kokomo region was $3.2 million to provide 11th grade students in our local high schools and career centers the opportunity to begin a career pathway toward an associate degree during their last two years in high school in one of eight industrial technology/advanced manufacturing fields including:

Information on all of these programs and degrees can be found at ivytech.edu/


Students participating in ITEP:

  • have the opportunity to pursue one of eight Technical Certificates pathways in Industrial Technology, and Associate of Applied Sciences in Industrial Technology and/or an Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Automation and Robotics.
  • will be eligible for internship opportunities with area industries as both a high school and college student,
  • will have the opportunity to participate in career and academic counseling as well as mentoring opportunities with collegiate and industry personnel,
  • will receive scholarships to cover the cost of courses held on the Ivy Tech campus,
  • will receive scholarships to cover the cost of certification testing,
  • will finish the program with one or more degrees and multiple credentials valued by employers throughout Indiana and the nation.

Under the federal Youth CareerConnect grant, high school students may participate in ITEP at no cost to them or their families. Grant funding covers the tuition for college-level courses as well as the cost of pursuing the nationally recognized certifications that are part of the program and that employers look for when hiring new employees. Scholarship funding is based on budgetary restrictions and is subject to change of the course of the 4-year grant.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hughes, ITEP Advisor, Ivy Tech Community College, Youth CareerConnect Grant, Integrated Technology Education Program (ITEP) at jhughes32@ivytech.edu or (800) 459-0561, Ext. 5496.


High schools and career centers surrounding the Kokomo area can participate in a $3.2 million grant for the next 4 years.  This grant provides for many services but directly for your student is the opportunity to start as an enrolled participant in their 11th grade year in high school to begin acquiring courses that lead to an associate degree – all PAID FOR through this grant.  The program supports efforts in our local schools through dual enrollment and certification testing.   Students who are successful in their high school program can continue their education after graduation from high school at Ivy Tech Community College in one of the targeted programs with their courses and books paid for by this Youth CareerConnect Grant.  Current 11th grade students must be enrolled before December 15.

If you are interested in enrollment in this program for your 11th grade student, please contact Jan Bailey, Program Manager, Ivy Tech Community College, Youth CareerConnect Grant, Integrated Technology Education Program (ITEP) at jabailey@ivytech.edu or (800) 459-0561, Ext. 5541

Parent night events will be scheduled soon.


Ivy Tech Community College values its partnerships with local employers. The purpose of the Integrated Technology Education Program is to increase the pipeline of skilled workers in advanced manufacturing. Employer partners will be asked to provide supportive services, such as tours of facilities, job shadowing, Subject Matter Expert (SME) visits to the classrooms, mentoring, and internships.

For further information, please contact Jan Bailey, Program Manager, Ivy Tech Community College, Youth CareerConnect Grant, Integrated Technology Education Program (ITEP) at jabailey@ivytech.edu or (800) 459-0561, Ext. 5541



In the Youth CareerConnect/ Integrated Technology Education Program (YCC/ITEP), high school students receive dual credits through Ivy Tech Community College, job skills, personal development opportunities, leadership skills in advanced manufacturing/manufacturing technology.  YCC/ITEP mentors provide professional and personal support to their mentees as they go through the program.  Mentors are a key part of the YCC/ITEP community, supporting the learning, development, and exploration of the students.

A mentor is an individual who wants to have a positive impact on a young adult’s life. He or she is a trusted person who is caring and provides positive solutions and support. A mentor provides access to people, places, and things outside the student’s daily routine and environment. As a mentor you will use the career plan, a written statement of the goals of the student, as an ongoing touch point for your mentoring relationship.

Mentor Eligibility Requirements

  •  Must be over 21 years of age
  • Must complete an application
  • Attend a face-to-face interview session
  • Pass criminal record and child abuse registry checks
  • Satisfactory employment and personal reference checks

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and would like further information, please contact Shalan Baker, Mentoring Program Coordinator, Ivy Tech Community College, Youth CareerConnect Grant, Integrated Technology Education Program (ITEP) at sbaker240@ivytech.edu or (800) 459-0561, Ext. 5543



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Rodni Lytle
Dean, School of Technology
(800) 459-0561, ext. 5546

Jan Bailey
Program Manager, ITEP
(800) 459-0561, ext. 5541

Jennifer Hughes
Career & Academic Advisor, ITEP
(800) 459-0561, ext. 5496

Shalan Baker
Mentoring Program Coordinator, ITEP
(800) 459-0561, ext. 5543