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The Learning Resource Center is located on the downtown Indianapolis campus and offers two specialized face to face and virtual tutoring centers to support students learning at Ivy Tech Indianapolis. 

Welcome to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) of Ivy Tech Community College Central Indiana. ProIviding quality, exceptional service is our priority. We want your experience with us to be enjoyable and rewarding. The LRC offers: 

  • Math and Science Resource Center: Offers assistance with analytical and technological assignments for a variety of subject areas. Our goal is to help students develop and apply critical thinking skills to understand and solve problems connected to math, science, and technology. 
  • Writing Center: Offers assistance with written assignments across all subject areas. Our focus is on helping students develop strategies to work through all points of the writing process and to help students grow as writers.  

Each center offers virtual services available via Zoom by appointment. Contact us to learn how we can meet with you. 



Math and Science Resources Center

Writing Center

2725 N. Illinois Street

Indianapolis, IN



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On-Campus Services

Virtual Services

8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Students are the central focus of our services. We believe that all students are capable of learning and achieving. We make every effort to create a supportive environment where active learning takes place, and we are committed to fostering a dynamic, effective learning atmosphere.

WHAT WE OFFER: One-on-one tutoring, group tutoring and appointment-based tutoring.

APPOINTMENTS: We are offering both Virtual and On-campus tutoring for all Central Indiana Ivy Tech students. We are now accepting walk-in appointments. To schedule an appointment with a tutor, see instructions below. 

Are you a guest student? To schedule an appointment, guest students need to email us directly at Indianapolis-MathScienceCenter@ivytech.edu

OUR MISSION: The mission of the Math and Science Resource Center of Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana is to foster active learning in an open and friendly environment. The academic support we provide leads to greater success and higher achievement for our students.


We offer both virtual and on-campus tutoring to assist you throughout the semester. To schedule an appointment, use the following steps: 

  1. In your MyIvy account, locate the Quicklinks section, then select Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor. 
    Tip: You can favorite this tool by clicking the heart icon, so it will appear under My Favorites next time you log in to your account.  

  2. Locate Your Services and select Indianapolis Learning Center. 

  3. Select Schedule Appointment. When asked what you need help with, select Tutoring. 

  1. Select your preferred day and appointment time with one of our tutors then click Continue.  (click “show more hours” to review more available hours) 

  1. Under Location, select if your appointment will be on-campus or virtual via Zoom.  

  1. Under Course, click Add a Course, then select the class you want tutoring for. Click Save. 

  1. Please add any additional information you want your tutor to know, including information about the assignment you're working on, the types of questions you have, and the deadline for your assignment. 

  1. Verify your appointment details and click Confirm. 

The following video provides a step-by-step tutorial process for scheduling an appointment:   


Sam Sebhatu
Mark Power

Sam Sebhatu has a Master of Science in mathematics education from Purdue University and a bachelor degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries from the University of Asmara, Eritrea. Sam worked as marine biologist in the Department of Research in his native country of Eritrea from 1996 - 2001. He has been in the tutoring profession for over twenty years, staring out in college as a peer tutor. Sam has been a full-time tutor with The Learning Center at Ivy Tech since August 2010. He is now the Assistant Director of the center.

My name is Mark Power, and I am a full-time Math and Science tutor here at the Learning Center.  I graduated from Purdue University in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree majoring in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Astronomy.  I worked summer internships at GeoEye Space Imaging, which you might know as the company that provides most of the pictures for Google Maps.  While there, I was in charge of keeping track of their satellite's current whereabouts, and their projected trajectories.  After graduation, I worked some part-time jobs before settling in here at Ivy Tech.  I hope to get back into school soon, and eventually complete a Physics Ph.D. program.  In the long term, I hope to be a researcher and professor at a major university.  In the meantime, I tutor Monday through Friday at the LRC in any level of Math as well as most sciences.

Bruck Mulat
Becky Winnie

Bruck Mulat is a full-time math and science tutor in the Math & Science Resource Center. He recently earned his Master’s degree in Statistics from IUPUI. Bruck is originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and shooting pool.  

I am Becky Winnie, AKA Rebecca, and I have been teaching and tutoring the first level math courses at Ivy Tech since 2012. Before that, I tutored and taught full time as TailorMade Tutoring, a business I began in 2002 simply because I love teaching.  (TailorMade Tutoring is ongoing as a part time occupation, primarily teaching ATI TEAS prep.) In my spare time, I am slowly renovating my 120-year-old home, and I am actively volunteering in my church. 


When my kids were in school themselves, I returned to complete my education and earned a BA in Education, so I am empathetic to the challenges of juggling school, home and work life. Now I have a great diversity of teaching experiences: in public schools and two tutoring business teaching students from 1st grade Reading through college level Calculus, homeschool students and differently-abled students at all levels in a variety of subjects. 


If you were to ask students what my strengths are as a tutor, most of them have said that I make math easy, I connect with my students, and I am very patient. It is a priority for me that students understand the material and practice the processes, of course, but students also need to know when and how to use each new skill. In addition, students usually discover how they learn math most efficiently, and that is equally important.


MATH023 Templates

MATH 123 Templates

MATH 136 Cheat Sheet

MATH 136 College Algebra Formulas
MATH 136 Reference Material for Final MATH 137 Trig Cheat Sheet MATH 137 Review MATH 137 Standard Form of Equations
MATH 135 Dice Image MATH 135 Finite Math Dice MATH 135 Finite Formulas MATH 135 Permutation vs. Combination
MATH 135 Venn Diagrams MATH 201 Brief Calculus I MATH 211 Derivatives & Integrals  


For upcoming events, visit the Ivy Tech Central Indiana calendar and look for LRC tutoring events. You can also download tutors' schedules to view availability. 

The Writing Center (LRC 102) provides free support to Ivy Tech students at all points of the writing process and can assist with written assignments across all subject areas. We believe that everyone is a writer and that writing development is an ongoing, life-long process that we are committed to fostering within Central Indiana.

At the Writing Center, you’ll find writers helping writers. Our consultants work one-on-one with students in collaborative, 45-minute tutoring appointments. Regardless of where you are at in your writing process, you’ll find a friendly and supportive tutor who will help you work through the writing process and grow as a writer.


Option 1: Self Schedule in Ivy Advising

The Writing Center is using Ivy Advising to schedule all tutoring sessions. Students can schedule appointments by following the steps below:

  1. In your MyIvy account, locate the Quicklinks section, then select Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor.  

    Tip: You can favorite this tool by clicking the heart icon, so it will appear under My Favorites next time you log in to your account.  

  2. Locate Your Services and select Indianapolis Learning Center. 

  3. Select Schedule Appointment. When asked what you need help with, select Tutoring. 

  4. Select your preferred day and appointment time with one of our tutors then click Continue.  (click “show more hours” to review more available hours) 

  5. Under Location, select if your appointment will be on-campus or virtual via Zoom.  

  6. Under Course, click Add a Course, then select the class you want tutoring for. Click Save. 

  7. lease add any additional information you want your tutor to know, including information about the assignment you're working on, the types of questions you have, and the deadline for your assignment. 

  8. Verify your appointment details and click Confirm. 

Option 2: Contact our Office

If you experience any challenges scheduling an appointment through Ivy Advising, please contact our office at 317-921-4230 or indianapolis-writingcenter@ivytech.edu.


Student Services

Everyone is a writer, and every writer can benefit from tutoring. We are here to help! Writing is an inherently social process. We research what other authors have previously said, write responses, share drafts for peer review, and make revisions based on the feedback we receive. Writing is an interaction, a collaboration process to effectively communicate our ideas. At the Writing Center, we support writers who are working through the many dynamic phases of this process. We offer: 

  • Free, individualized writing feedback and support
  • Consultations by appointment (face to face or virtual 45-minute sessions, one session per day)
  • We will ask questions, listen, respond as a reader, and demonstrate strategies to improve writing skills



 Face-to-Face Tutoring

Writing consultations are available on campus by appointment. 

During a typical consultation, which lasts about 45 minutes, we'll do several things:

  • Briefly review your assignment prompt and deadline, and ask where you are at in your writing process

  • Ask about your primary questions or concerns regarding the assignment and your draft

  • Read your draft together, out loud

  • Focus discussion and suggested strategies for revision around your primary concerns and other high-priority parts of your draft

  • Recap your next steps for revision and offer to schedule a follow-up consultation

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring is available in two primary ways:

  1. Synchronous Consultations - These scheduled writing consultations are extremely similar to the sessions that take place in our physical Writing Center, except they occur online using Zoom. Prior to a student's appointment time, they will receive a Zoom invitation link that allows them to access the tutoring session. Within Zoom, students and tutors can share their screens, ask questions, and discuss the writing assignment in live-time.

    We believe it is helpful for students to have one-on-one, interactive conversations about their writing with tutors, which is why we recommend synchronous tutoring whenever possible. Because writing is an inherently social and collaborative activity, writers benefit from the opportunity to speak with others to clarify and expand ideas, ask questions and seek/apply feedback.

  2. Asynchronous Writing Feedback - For students who are unable to connect with us using Zoom, the Writing Center can provide written feedback via email within 48-72 hours. It's important to remember that asynchronous tutoring is not a means to "drop off" a paper to have it corrected. Instead, tutors will offer guidance based on their response as a reader, suggesting strategies to consider during the revision process. To submit a request for written feedback, please click here. You'll need to be logged in to your Ivy Tech email account to access the request form.


Faculty Services

The Writing Center is committed to collaborating with faculty to support students in Ivy Tech classes. Our team is happy to visit any classroom--on campus or virtually--to share information with your students. We offer a variety of presentations to meet the needs of Ivy Tech Indianapolis students. You are also always welcome to bring your students to the Writing Center for a class visit! If you have any questions or want to discuss collaborating with the Writing Center, please contact Natasha Wickenheiser, Assistant Director, at nwickenheiser@ivytech.edu

You can also access downloads for your classes: 

Writing Center Overview Presenation

Conferencing in the Writing Center 

Time required: Approximately 5-10 minutes

Purpose of Class Visit: This brief presentation introduces students to a Writing Center tutor and the variety of services our team offers. We provide promotional materials for students and encourage them to utilize the Writing Center for free writing support.

Ideal Time to Schedule this Visit: Typically conducted in the first few minutes of class, this presentation is most effective at the beginning of the semester or when assigning students their first writing project.

Advanced Preparation for the Class Visit: None

Time required: To be determined by individual instructors

Purpose of Class Visit: If you are planning to provide students with focused work time on their writing assignment, possibly while conferencing individually with them about their work, considering holding that class session in the Writing Center. We have computers and tables that students can use. Additionally, our writing consultants will circulate among the class to provide additional feedback while you work individually with students. This helps introduce students to the support they can receive in the Writing Center and to familiarize themselves with our space.

Ideal Time to Schedule this Visit: This class visit to the Writing Center works well when conferencing with students regarding feedback on their work, or when you are providing focused time for students to work on a written assignment during class.

Advanced Preparation for the Class Visit: Students should have a writing assignment they are working on, but they can be at various points of the writing process.


John Conklin

Lead Writing Tutor

John has a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, with a minor in business, and a Master of Arts degree in teaching English as a second language, both from the Pennsylvania State University. John is in his twenty-third year as a tutor, nationally and internationally, and he is in his seventeenth year as a writing tutor for Ivy Tech. He shares his theoretical understanding of tutoring by coordinating and presenting tutor training sessions. John is also a member of the Ivy Drive Car Club with Ivy Tech. In the community, he is a member of the Taiwanese American Association of Indianapolis and enjoys photography.

Natasha Synowka

Assistant Director

Natasha has worked with student writers at both two- and four-year colleges since 2011. Having served as a writing center consultant and an English adjunct faculty member, Natasha enjoys helping students feel more confident with their writing. She believes writer development is a life-long process and that one-on-one writing consultations are instrumental in fostering students' growth as writers. As a former community college student, Natasha was excited to join the Ivy Tech community in 2017. She holds a master's degree in written communication with a concentration in writing pedagogy and a bachelor's degree in professional writing and communication from Eastern Michigan University.

Emily Braught

Writing Tutor

Emily has been working with college students since 2016. She enjoys having conversations about a student's classroom experience, but also everything that is happening outside of the classroom. She holds a B.A in English and Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, as well as an M.Ed in Student Affairs from Clemson University. She recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Literature and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education at Indiana University. Her favorite part of the writing process is prewriting: discovering the intended topic, crafting a thesis, and getting started on an outline. Emily can also be counted on to discuss connections between writing assignments and their relevance to one's life and career aspirations.





Research Resources

Writing Resources

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Provides guidance on academic and professional writing, including information about the composition process, writing in specific disciplines, research and citation help, and strategies for revising and editing drafts
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing by Capitol Community College - Contains information about and opportunities to practice writing strategies, grammar and punctuation usage, and spelling
  • Elements of Style - This digital handbook outlines common rules for writing in an academic style and information on commonly misspelled and misused words/phrases
  • Merriam-Webster Online - Includes an online dictionary and thesaurus to identify definitions, correct spellings, and alternative word choices

Citation and Academic Formatting Resources

  • APA Style Guide - Illustrates how to write academically using the 7th edition of APA style
  • MLA Style Guide - Illustrates how to write academically using the 8th edition of MLA style
  • Ivy Tech Library Citation Guide - Contains helpful handouts demonstrating how to format papers and cite sources accurately in APA and MLA style
  • Ivy Tech Library Plagiarism Guide - Defines plagiarism in relation to Ivy Tech's Student Code of Conduct and provides resources to avoid plagiarism

ESOL Resources

  • ESL Gold - Contains resources and opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English
  • Dave's Cafe - Under "Resources," provides lessons on frequently used idioms and phrases, and quizzes to practice reading comprehension, grammar, and punctuation usage





What to Expect

What should I bring with me to a consultation?

Please bring your assignment prompt and any writing you've started (brainstorming notes, outline, draft, etc.). When working with research materials, you may also want to bring any sources that you need help citing.

How long are consultations? If I need more help after the session, can I keep working with my tutor or come back later in the day?

Writing consultations typically last 45 minutes and are limited to one visit per day. While we are unable to provide feedback on everything during that time, we try to focus on 2-3 of your primary concerns. Too much feedback at one time can overwhelm writers and limit our ability to focus on higher-priority parts of your writing. Instead, we aim to help you learn and apply strategies for revising your own work--thus empowering students to maintain their agency as writers. Because the Writing Center has a limited number of consultants available to work with students, this policy allows us to consult with more students each day. We encourage students to schedule a follow-up consultation when necessary, as it can be helpful to receive feedback at different points of the writing process.

Will you proofread/edit my paper for grammar mistakes?

No. The Writing Center is committed to supporting and empowering students by helping them develop and refine their own writing skills. Although we will not edit your paper for you, we will talk with you about writing patterns to look out for and strategies that you can use to revise your own work. It's also important to remember that there is more to writing than just grammar and punctuation. Depending on where you are at in your writing process, we may prioritize other concerns and return to questions about grammar during a follow-up consultation.

Can I drop off my paper and pick it up later?

No. The consultants in our Writing Center work one-on-one with students to help them grow as writers. We ask questions, offer feedback, and engage in dialogue surrounding a student's writing and revision plans. We believe this interactive discussion is an important part of the writing and learning process.

My professor said I'm required to visit the Writing Center (or offering extra credit if I visit). How do I let them know that I met with a writing tutor?

After your consultation, your tutor will send a brief email to your instructor to let them know that you visited the Writing Center and worked on an assignment for their class. Students have the option to opt-out of this service.

Technology Usage

Can we look at my paper on a computer?

The Writing Center does have some computers available for use during consultations, so you do not need to print a copy of your paper. When campus begins to open back up, we will utilize these work stations to ensure social distancing for both students and tutors. Whether your draft is saved on a portable flash drive or in Google Drive, we can utilize a computer to view your work during a consultation.

Is the Writing Center an open computer lab I can use to work on assignments?

Unfortunately, no. The computers in the Writing Center are reserved for tutoring consultations or scheduled workshops for individual classes. If you need a quiet space to write in our building, there are open computers available for use in the Library.

Can I print my paper in the Writing Center?

Our computers are not currently connected to a printer in the Writing Center. However, the Library (which is just down the hall from us) has two commercial printers that you may print to. We recommend that if you plan to work from a printed copy of your draft, it is best to print the document prior to arriving at the Writing Center for your consultation.

Will tutors help me learn how to use my computer?

When working with specific programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, writing tutors can demonstrate how to utilize tools to help you format your writing. However, if you need additional computer technology support, we recommend calling the Ivy Line (1-888-489-5463) to talk with someone in IT or visiting the Math and Science Resource Center for technology tutoring.

Virtual Consultations and Writing Feedback

What writing tutor services do you offer virtually online?

You can learn more about our online tutoring services by clicking here.

How do I share my paper virtually with a tutor?

If you schedule a synchronous Zoom appointment, your tutor can help you “screen share,” which allows them to see the draft you are working on. If you are requesting written feedback from the Writing Center, there is a place in our written feedback request form where you can upload a copy of your assignment prompt and draft.

I don't have a computer. Can I receive tutoring help using a tablet or phone?

Although it may be easier to screenshare and write using a computer, yes, you can download the free Zoom app that's available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. When your tutor sends the Zoom invitation link for your consultation, simply click on the link to connect with your writing tutor.

My computer does not have a webcam or mic. Can I still get help during a virtual Zoom consultation?

Yes! When you access the Zoom invitation link to join your writing consultation, you will also be provide a number that you can call. This allows you to "dial in" for audio. The Zoom invitation link will allow you to share screens, and calling in for audio will allow you and your tutor to communicate. Zoom also contains a chat tool, which allows you to type questions and comments to your tutor.

How to do I schedule a virtual writing consultation, and what do I do if I need to cancel the appointment?

You can learn how to schedule a virtual writing consultation or how to submit your work for written email feedback by clicking here.

Scheduled Consultations vs. Drop-in Tutoring

How do I schedule a writing consultation?

You can learn how to schedule a writing consultation by clicking here.

Can I drop by the Writing Center to receive help without an appointment?

We always recommend scheduling an appointment for your writing consultation so you avoid potentially longer wait times, especially at busy points of the semester. With additional safety measures being taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the number of people inside the Writing Center at one time by requiring students to have a scheduled appointment. If you do stop by the Writing Center for drop-in tutoring, our receptionist will help schedule an appointment for you with the next available writing tutor.

What should I do if I'm running late for my appointment?

If possible, please email us at indianapolis-writingcenter@ivytech.edu so we can let your tutor know you'll be a few minutes late. Your tutor may have another appointment scheduled after you, which can limit your consultation time. If students are running more than 5-10 minutes late, we recommend rescheduling so they can utilize their entire appointment time. Our team will work with you to identify another available tutor who can help you or reschedule your session for a day and time that is more convenient.

What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Sometimes students want to reschedule their consultation if they do not get as far as they had planned in their writing. The first thing to remember is that feedback is always helpful--even if that feedback is on a less complete draft. However, we understand that life happens and you may not be able to attend your scheduled consultation. When this happens, please email indianapolis-writingcenter@ivytech.edu to let us know so that we can make the appointment available for another student and work with you to reschedule for a day and time that is more convenient.

Policies and Protocols

Can I bring my child(ren) with me to the Writing Center?

Unfortunately, no. Children are not permitted in the Writing Center. If childcare is a concern during your consultation time, we can connect virtually for your tutoring session. Please click here to learn more about our virtual services.

Do I need to be an Ivy Tech student to receive tutoring help?

Our team serves all Central Indiana Ivy Tech students, including students who are degree-seeking and courses-only, international students, and guest students who are visiting Central Indiana Ivy Tech from other colleges and universities. We are happy to support you with your Ivy Tech assignments. At this time, we are unable to provide writing support for community members or tutoring assistance on assignments from other Ivy Tech regions or other colleges and universities.

I need help with writing, but not for a specific school assignment. Can I still work with a tutor?

Absolutely! Our team can help students who are working on resumes, cover letters, application letters, scholarship applications, etc. Although we believe it is most helpful to work within a specific writing context, we also work with students who want to continue practicing their writing skills, even if they are not focused on a specific class assignment during their consultation.