BeLively Employee Wellbeing





This program is intended to encompass all of the College’s statewide wellbeing initiatives including financial education, healthy lifestyle education and programs, and stress management.    

QuitNow Tobacco Cessation Program

According to the American Lung Association, every year more than 480,000 individuals in the U.S. die from tobacco use.  It is the number one preventable dealth in this country.  It leads to disability adn disease, and harms nearly every organ in your body.

We want to help you quit!

Ivy Tech has teamed up with the Wellness Council of Indiana to provide a tool to help you quit.  The QuitNow program takes you through a 12 chapter quitting process.  You can sign up by going to and select the "Sign Up Today" button.

Please note:  If you participate in the College's medical plan your premiums will depend on your tobacco use (this includes smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vapor).  If you are a tobacco user, you will be subject to additional premiums.  Documented completion of the QuitNow program will allow you to pay the no-tobacco user premium rate.

Have additional questions? Check out this FAQ or contact your local HR team.

Anthem Healthy Lifestyles Program (see eligibility below)

The Healthy Lifestyles program is an online program that is available to those who participate in the College’s medical plan.  This self-reporting tool encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.  It focuses on stress management, diet and nutrition, weight management, and physical activity.  It allows participants to set personal goals and track their progress.  Participants can collect points that can be redeemed for prizes.

Financial Education

One of the College's goals is to provide our employees the tools necessary for financial education.  The College partners with Frank Leyes and Associates to provide financial education, retirement education, and one-on-one counceling sessions.  Additional information can be found on the Retirement page.