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Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) classes are designed for students who plan to transfer their Ivy Tech credits to a four year college or university...  more details

Ivy Tech Community College Courses Fulfilling
Statewide Transfer General Education Core Competencies (2013-2014 academic year and later)

NOTE: These requirements are for the 2013-2014 academic year and later. Students beginning their program PRIOR to the 2013-2014 academic year should use these core requirements as a guide instead.

All courses are appropriate for the Science/Math programs unless otherwise noted.

  STGEC General Pathway STGEC Science/Math Pathway
Written Communication    
ENGL 111 English Composition*
3 credits 3 credits
Speaking and Listening    
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking*
COMM 102 Intro to Interpersonal Communication*
3-6 credits 3 credits
Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning (not a STEM selection)
MATH 135 Finite Math*
MATH 136 College Algebra*
MATH 137 Trig with Analytic Geometry*
MATH 201 Brief Calculus*
MATH 202 Brief Calculus II*
MATH 211 Calculus I*
MATH 212 Calculus II*
MATH 221 Calculus for Technology I*
MATH 222 Calculus for Technology II*
3-9 credits 6-9 credits
Scientific Ways of Knowing   
ASTR 101 Solar System Astronomy*
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology*
BIOL 105 Biology I*
BIOL 107 Biology II*
BIOL 121 General Biology
BIOL 211 Microbiology I*
BIOL 221 Molecular Biology
CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry*
CHEM 105 General Chemistry I*
CHEM 106 General Chemistry II*
CHEM 111 Chemistry I
PHYS 101 Physics I*
PHYS 102 Physics II*
PHYS 220 Mechanics*
PHYS 221 Heat, Electricity, & Optics
SCIN 100 Earth Science*
SCIN 111 Physical Science*
3-10 credits 6-10 credits
Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing    
ANTH 154 Cultural Anthropology
ECON 101 Economics Fundamentals*
ECON 201 Principles of Economics*
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics*
HIST 101 Survey of American History I*
HIST 102 Survey of American History II*
HIST 111 World Civilization I
HIST 112 World Civilization II
POLS 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics*
POLS 211 Introduction to World Politics*
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology*
PSYC 201 Lifespan Development*
PSYC 205 Abnormal Psychology*
PSYC 240 Human Sexuality*
SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology*
SOCI 164 Multicultural Studies
SOCI 245 Cultural Diversity
SOCI 252 Social Problems*
3-9 credits 3-6 credits
Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing    
ARTH 101 Survey of Art & Culture*
ARTH 102 Survey of Art and Culture II*
ARTH 110 Art Appreciation*
ENGL 202 Creative Writing*
ENGL 206 Introduction to Literature*
ENGL 214 Introduction to Poetry*
ENGL 220 Introduction to World Literature*
ENGL 221 Introduction to World Literature After the Renaissance*
ENGL 222 American Literature to 1865*
ENGL 223 American Literature After 1865*
FREN 101 French Level I*
FREN 102 French Level II*
FREN 201 French Level III*
FREN 202 French Level IV*
GERM 101 German Level I**
GERM 102 German Level II**
HUMA 100 Theatre Appreciation*
HUMA 118 Music Appreciation*
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy*
PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics*
PHIL 220 Philosophy of Religion*
SPAN 101 Spanish Level I*
SPAN 102 Spanish Level II*
SPAN 201 Spanish Level III*
SPAN 202 Spanish Level IV*
3-9 credits 3 credits



Total Statewide Transfer General Education Core:    30 minimum credits

*CTL courses
**Effective Fall 2017