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Computer Science
The career field of computer science has consistently ranked toward the top in job satisfaction and salary over the last 20 years.  
Median Computer Science Salary in Indiana
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Annual Computer Science Salary Range
$59,311 - $107,171
Wage data taken from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. May 2020 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates: Indiana. (2021).

Computer Science is an exciting field that explores the limits of what computers can accomplish. It also spans many restraints and sectors of our economy, including science and research, industry, business and military. Coursework can include implementing and understanding properties of algorithms as well as discussing the social content of computing.  This includes the history and evolution of machines, social impact of computers, and the code of ethics.  A computer scientist can expect to enjoy a good salary, steady work, and opportunities to advance. Students in the computer science program should be ones that enjoy math, science, problem solving as well as new challenges.

Our Graduates

Graduates of our Associate of Science (AS) degree can seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution through our "Transfer as a Junior" program, entering at a junior status. To learn more about our Transfer as a Junior programs, and how they can save you money, visit our TSAP page. Please keep in mind, you will also need to be admitted to the four-year institution you intend to transfer to, admission is not guaranteed just by enrolling in a Transfer as a Junior program.

Transfer Partners

We also have several four-year transfer partnerships in place to help you continue your education at a four-year. Talk to your transfer advocate for more information about transfer opportunities!

Ivy Tech’s School of Computing and Informatics programs were funded by 92%, or $2,284,018 of U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration TAACCCT Grant funds.

Degrees & Certificates

Please select from our list of degrees below for class and location information. More information is available on each degree in the dropdown above.

Academic Catalog: Review the program degree requirements and course descriptions.


Computer Science Fundamentals
(19 credit hours = 2 semesters)

Computer Science Fundamentals - Online
(19 credit hours = 2 semesters)

Transfer Degree:

Associate of Science TSAP
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Associate of Science - Online TSAP
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Related Programs:

You may also be interested in other computing programs like Cyber Security/Information Assurance, Database Management and Administration, Informatics, Information Technology Support, Network Infrastructure, or Software Development.  For a short description on each program check out this video or visit the School of Information Technology.

NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses. Availability of degrees and certificates varies by campus.

Completion Guides

Completion guides provide the recommended path to graduation, broken out by 8-week term. Courses are also numbered to show an overall number for students taking fewer classes at a time. Please consult with your advisor to determine which classes are the best option for you to take.

Computer Science - Associate of Science - TSAP 

Program Locations

Computer science programs are offered at the Ivy Tech campuses above: