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MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT)


What You’ll Learn

The MSSC Certified Production Technician certification is the nationally recognized certification supported by the National Association of Manufacturers. The training will enable workers to build the core knowledge and skills required in modern advanced manufacturing. This course will validate the certification of the worker's technical, academic, and employability skills needed in the modern manufacturing environment. The four modules comprising the course are:

  1. Safety
  2. Maintenance Awareness
  3. Quality and Continuous Improvement
  4. Manufacturing Process and Production

The Certified Production Technician certification is awarded to those who successfully pass the four component examinations.

Career Options

For individuals who pass these four assessments, they will earn and be able to:

  • Download or Purchase the Full Certification document that bears the CPT 4.0 logo
  • NAM logo (NAM-endorsed Skills Certification) with ISO 17024 reference
  • Purchase Large CPT 4.0 Arm Patch
  • Download Key Work
  • Activities document to share with employers

Common job titles are Production Worker; Industrial Production Manager, Quality Control Systems Managers, Manufacturing Manager, Production Process Supervisor.

Class Details

This course provides up to 160 lecture hours, including hands-on experience in four course modules including:

  • Safety
  • Maintenance Awareness
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Manufacturing Process and Production

Each module has an assessment; all four successfully passed assessments result in the Certified Production Technician 4.0 Certification.

Major learning objectives include: 1. Safety 2. Maintenance Awareness 3. Environmental safety inspections 4. Preventive Maintenance 5. Correction of unsafe conditions 6. Equipment maintenance training 7. Safety-related maintenance 8. Blueprint reading 9. Operator safety 10. Preventive/corrective actions 11. Safety orientation training 12. Circuit analysis 13. Quality and Continuous Improvement 14. Manufacturing Processes& Production 15. Introduction to SPC 16. Machine automation

This workforce certification is available for free to qualifying students through the Next Level Jobs program. You are eligible to earn this free certification from Ivy Tech if you fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • You are an Indiana resident, and
  • You have a high school diploma or GED/High School Equivalency, and
  • You have not previously received an associate degree or higher (bachelor's, master's, etc.)

Learn more about Next Level Jobs at Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech skills training classes do not earn you college credit on their own, but they may crosswalk into Ivy Tech's academic degree programs should you decide to pursue that route in the future. Speak with your advisor to learn more about getting credit for prior learning.

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