To register for classes, you must already be accepted to Ivy Tech. If you are a new, first-time Ivy Tech student, there are a few steps you need to complete to fully enroll in Ivy Tech before you can register for classes. See those steps here.

If you are a continuing student, check in with your advisor to ensure you’re keeping up with what you’ve outlined in your Academic Completion Plan. If you need a refresher on how to register for classes, take a look at Step 5: Register for Classes, below.

Steps to Register for Classes

  • Assessment for Course Placement

    Course placement is a part of registering for classes where we assess your reading, writing, and math skills. It's an important step that helps us and you make sure you register for courses that are the best fit for you.

    We can measure where your skills are currently in several different ways, including through ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores, high school GPA, or previous college credit you've earned. If you don't have any of those, you can complete our free Knowledge Assessment to help develop your customized learning path to better prepare you for courses.

    To learn more about how to upload assessment documents and course placement options, visit:

    Course Placement

    Already Completed the Assessment Step?

    If you have already submitted scores/GPA/transcripts during your application process or completed the Knowledge Assessment, you are ready to work with your advisor to identify classes that best fit you. Proceed to Step 2.

  • Meet with Your Advisor and Make a Plan

    • New Students: If you’re a new, first-time Ivy Tech student, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible to develop your Academic Completion Plan. Your Academic Completion Plan is an individualized academic plan that includes degree, career, and life goals. Your plan helps you keep track of your progress to ensure that you are on track to meet your educational goals. You may register for classes with your advisor in that first meeting, or you can follow the additional steps outlined on this page on your own.
    • Continuing students: Even though you've taken classes at Ivy Tech before, it’s a good idea to meet with your advisor before registering for classes.

    How to Schedule an Appointment

    • Your advisor’s name and contact info can be found in MyIvy on your dashboard in the lower left column and in the My Academic Profile section. You can email or call your advisor directly to set up a time to meet.
    • You can also schedule an appointment with your advisor online in MyIvy. See step-by-step instructions

    Applied More Than 2 Years Ago?

    If it’s been more than two years since you’ve taken a class at Ivy Tech, you will need to re-apply before you can register for classes. Once you have been accepted, meet with your advisor to get started.

  • Search for Courses Without Logging in to MyIvy

    To begin to plan out your semester schedule, you can search courses by term, campus, and class type to find the courses that best fit your life. This course search tool is available without logging into MyIvy, making it especially useful for prospective students who don't yet have a MyIvy login.

    Explore Upcoming courses

    Searching for Courses Using Schedule Builder

    If you're a current student, you can log directly into MyIvy and search for courses there using Schedule Builder.


    Course Catalog

    Anyone can also view course descriptions and prerequisites (but not course schedules) in our course catalog.


    A prerequisite is a course or other requirement that a student must have taken prior to registering for a specific course. If you do not meet a specific requirement for a course, you will not be allowed to register for that course. So, be sure to check for prerequisites before beginning the registration process.

    For example, if you wish to take APHY 201 Advanced Human Physiology, you must have successfully completed APHY 101 and APHY 102. Or, if you want to register for BIOL 120 Environmental Science, you must demonstrate competency through an assessment or by earning a grade of “C” or better in ENGL 093 and ENGL 083 or ENGL 095 and MATH 023 or MATH 080. Prerequisites are different for every course and can be found in the Course Catalog.

    Speak to your advisor for assistance with prerequisites.

  • If you are a current student or have previously attended Ivy Tech, you must clear all outstanding financial obligations, (e.g., library fines, student accounts) before registering for classes. If you have a hold on your account, you cannot register until the hold is cleared.

    Read More about Holds

  • Register for Classes in MyIvy Using Schedule Builder

    When you’re ready to build out your official schedule and register for classes, log into Schedule Builder in the MyIvy student portal. Schedule Builder allows you to choose the courses you want to take and block off times when you aren’t able to take classes. These preferences are used to generate a list of possible class schedules that meet your needs and still have seats available. If you have an academic plan from your advisor, you can click to load those courses directly into the Schedule Builder too. 

    When you find the best schedule for you, add it to your Schedule Builder Shopping Cart. If registration is open for the term, click on the Register button to submit your registration. The system will then ask you to accept financial responsibility for your registration. Once you’ve done that, your registration is complete. You will be able to view your current schedule on the Current Schedule tab of Schedule Builder.

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    See the Schedule Builder Instructions page for complete, step-by-step registration instructions.


  • Paying for Your Courses

    When you register for classes, a bill is generated in your student account. You can typically view charges on your student account immediately via IvyPay.

    Remember, you are financially liable for your registered classes. Payments can be made in three ways:

    1. Online by logging into MyIvy (Browse Topics > Billing & Financial Aid > View/Pay Balance).
    2. In-person at your local Bursar/Business Office.
    3. Online through IvyPay—a good choice for parents or others with granted access to make payments on your behalf.

    If you’d like to spread out your payments in a set number of installments, you can set up a payment plan in MyIvy.

  • Your instructors, advisors, and staff are excited to help you accomplish your goals. Save your schedule, gather school supplies, and come to the first day of classes ready to achieve your "better every day after!"

    Don't Forget

    Staying informed while attending Ivy Tech Community College is key to being successful. Make sure you stay up-to-date as faculty and staff communicate with you by logging into your MyIvy portal on a regular basis. Check your Ivy Tech email regularly leading up to the start of classes so that you don't miss important information as you prepare to start classes.


Registration Deadlines

You can register for classes as soon as registration opens for the next term; you do not need to wait until the term ends. You can also register for classes up until the first day of class, but classes do fill up so it is best to register about a month before classes start to get the best selection.

8-Week Sessions:

Fall 2023 Session #1
March 20, 2023 Registration opens
July 14, 2023 Register by this date for best selection
Aug 20, 2023 Last day to register
Aug 21, 2023 Classes start

Fall 2023 Session #2
March 20, 2023 Registration opens
Sept 22, 2023 Register by this date for best selection
Oct 22, 2023 Last day to register
Oct 23, 2023 Classes start

Spring 2024 Session #1
Sept 18, 2023 Registration opens
Dec 15, 2024 Register by this date for best selection
Jan 15, 2024 Last day to register
Jan 16, 2024 Classes start

Spring 2024 Session #2
Sept 18, 2023 Registration opens
Feb 19, 2024 Register by this date for best selection
Mar 17, 2024 Last day to register
Mar 18, 2024 Classes start

2024 Summer Session
March 18, 2024 Registration opens
May 3, 2024 Register by this date for best selection
June 2, 2024 Last day to register
June 3, 2024 Classes start

To see registration and start dates for other sessions:



Students register for courses at Ivy Tech using our Schedule Builder tool. Schedule Builder allows you to choose the courses you want to take and block off times when you aren’t able to take classes. These preferences are used to generate a list of possible class schedules that meet your needs and still have seats available. Read more about How to Use Schedule Builder or log in to MyIvy and access Schedule Builder in the Quick Links menu to get started.

You may also add a class by working through your advisor, who can send you a DocuSign registration form that can be sent to your Ivy Tech email account and completed online.


You can take advantage of Tuesdays@TheTech by stopping by your local campus on any Tuesday to get personal support and guidance to complete your registration.


We do not provide phone registration.

How to Drop or Add a Course

If you need to come back to your schedule to drop or add courses, log into Schedule Builder in MyIvy. Click on the Current Schedule tab, and the Edit or Drop Classes button, and make your changes there.

If you need any help with this process, make an appointment with your advisor. To find your advisor's name, log in to MyIvy and you will see your advisor's name in the bottom block of the left column.

Dropping a Course

Dropping a course is when a course is removed from a student’s record so that no record of the dropped course remains on the transcript.

Students may drop a course with no record on the transcript until the end of the 100% refund period for the length of the course shown in the table below. The 100% refund period is calculated using the number of calendar days from the first day of the instructional week.

Length of COURSE

100% Refund Date

(calendar days into course)


(weeks into course)
16-week course 14 calendar days week 12
12-week course 10 calendar days week 9
10-week course 8 calendar days week 7
8-week course 8 calendar days week 6
4-week course 4 calendar days week 3
Less than 4 weeks 1 calendar day  75% of course

Students may log into MyIvy to drop a course. Go to Schedule Builder in MyIvy. Click on the Current Schedule tab, and the Edit or Drop Classes button. Changes can be made there.

All students who are not in a paid or arranged-to-pay status will be dropped from classes according to a set schedule. Once dropped, students may not attend class or be graded. If a student has not paid or is not current with the payment schedule by the last date for withdrawal, the student shall be withdrawn from the class, and the tuition balance is still due and payable.

Adding a Course

Students may add a course in the first week of the regular (16-week) semester. After the first week of the regular semester, students must receive permission from the instructor to add a course. 


A registration hold may be placed on a student's record that will prevent the student from registering for classes until action has been taken to resolve the issue. If you see a hold on your account, it is your responsibility to contact the Business Office, Registrar, Financial Aid Office, or other relevant office to identify the cause of the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. Holds are viewable in MyIvy in two places:

  • Billing & Financial Aid → Holds: Billing, Registration, and Advising
  • Billing & Financial Aid → Holds: Financial Aid

For a complete list of hold codes—including code descriptions, reasons for a hold, services affected, and action(s) needed to resolve a hold—see the Hold Codes page.

See complete list of hold codes

Past-Due Financial Accounts

If there is an unpaid balance at the end of a semester, a hold will be put on the account which will prevent future course registration, transcripts, or graduation until the balance is paid. Balances that are over 90 days are sent to a collection agency. All costs incurred in the collection of a delinquent balance, including collection agency or attorney fees, are added to the student’s account

Ivy Tech also utilizes the Indiana Department of Revenue’s Tax Intercept program for unpaid balances that are six months or older. This may result in the student’s Indiana income tax refund being intercepted by the college and applied to the unpaid balance.

Ivy Tech aims to help all students achieve success. If your account has been frozen due to an unpaid balance, please contact your local Bursar to discuss your options.


From the end of the second week to the end of the week marking the completion of 75% of the course, a student may withdraw from a course online using MyIvy or by filing a change of enrollment form at the Registrar’s Office.

See complete list of withdrawal deadlines

Note, withdrawing from a class may affect or cancel financial assistance. Students receiving financial assistance should check with the financial aid office before withdrawing from a course or course.

Withdrawal from a course will display on your transcript with a grade of “W”; however, the withdrawal does not affect your GPA in any way. A student who stops attending class after the last day to withdraw will receive a grade commensurate with course requirements.

Check the Refund Policy page for refund dates. NO refund will be given after those dates.


If you are unable to register for a class because it's full, the class will remain in your Schedule Builder Shopping Cart and may display the option to join a waitlist. A waitlist is like standing in line for your turn. If anyone drops the class before it starts, the first person on the waitlist will be notified. If a second person drops the class, the next person on the waitlist will be notified, and so on until the class begins.


Getting Into the Class

Once you are on a waitlist, check your email in MyIvy each day. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email notification that a seat is open. You will then have 24 hours to register for the class or the waitlist function will remove you from the waitlist and offer the seat to the next student on the list.

When you are notified that a seat is open for you, go to Schedule Builder and follow steps 18–23 in the "Steps to Register for Classes" container.


If you have any questions regarding a waitlist, please contact your local Registrar's Office.

Tuition & Fees Refunds

Students may receive a refund for 100% of tuition and fees paid if they drop the course by certain dates each semester. The last day to drop a course and still receive a refund is determined by the length of the course and the first day the class meets. This policy applies to both credit and non-credit courses. No refunds will be given for drops or withdrawals after the posted dates.


Dropped for Non-Payment?

Did you receive a notice via email telling you that you had been dropped for non-payment? Don’t panic, we are here to help get you back on track! You can get registered again, but it’s important that you follow the steps below, as you will need to register for classes BEFORE you can make a payment.

How to Get Re-registered

(1) Re-Register for Classes

The first thing you need to do is re-register for classes. Work with the Local Enrollment Center at your campus to get re-registered.

(2) Make a Payment

After you’ve registered for classes, make a payment. Ivy Tech accepts personal checks, ACH, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards. Credit/debit card payments can only be made online.

There are two ways to make a payment in a "dropped for non-payment" situation:

  • Online – you can pay your bill in full or set up a payment plan online.
    • Login to MyIvy
    • Select “My Account Balance”
    • Read the agreement and click the “I accept” button on the bottom left of your screen
    • Follow the instructions to set up your account, make a payment or select a payment plan
  • In person – at your local campus’ bursar/business office


If you have questions or need help with re-registering, contact your Local Enrollment Center. If you have questions about why you were dropped, contact the bursar at your local campus.


Contact Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is available to assist with adding or dropping courses, as well as help you navigate any difficulties you may have registering for a course. To find your advisor's name, log in to MyIvy and you will see your advisor's name in the bottom block of the left column.


You can also take advantage of Tuesdays@TheTech by stopping by your local campus on any Tuesday to get personal support and guidance to complete your registration.

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