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Ivy+ Textbooks will continue to be offered for free through Spring 2023!


Accessing Your Ivy+ Textbooks in 3 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Register for class

Register for classes via Schedule Builder. Or, visit MyIvy or the class search page for more information about registering for courses.

Step 2: Confirm your Ivy+ textbook order 

Once registered, check your email for information from Barnes & Noble. The email will be sent within 24 hours of registering.  It will include your schedule and textbook confirmation details. Students must confirm in the BNC Ivy+ Student Portal. Confirm your Ivy+ textbook order begins 30 days before start of each semester.

Step 3: Access your Ivy+ textbooks 

Login to IvyLearn to access your digital course materials in the Ivy+ Bookshelf. For physical materials, an email will be sent to your email address when your order is ready for pickup or to notify you when it ships. Classes open in IvyLearn two days before the start of class.

Print textbooks through Ivy+

If preferred, eligible students enrolled in courses with digital textbooks can choose to order print textbooks when available at no cost. 

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore has created step-by-step instructions for ordering print textbooks.

For specific Ivy+ textbook questions, contact the Barnes & Noble team

Resources & Support

Do you have questions or need assistance with your Ivy+ textbooks?  It is important to check your email address to receive important Ivy+ information. We also have additional resources available to help!

What is Ivy+ Textbooks?

Ivy+ Textbooks means all required textbooks are one price. No more questioning the cost of books! For even more value required textbooks are free for eligible students* through the Spring 2023 semester!

*Dual credit, non-credit, and building/construction trade apprenticeship students are excluded from the Ivy+ textbook model. 

Ivy+ Benefits

Ivy+ Textbooks will save students time, money, and hassle when accessing course materials.
Ivy Tech will provide all required Ivy+ textbooks to students, no more shopping around to find your textbooks.
The majority of Ivy+ textbooks will be offered digitally via IvyLearn in a seamless and streamlined process.
Access your Ivy+ textbooks today! Click the link below to get started!

Ivy+ Textbooks and Barnes & Noble Process FAQ

How does Ivy+ textbooks work with the bookstore?

Will I still have a choice of materials?

How do I access my digital textbooks?

If I want to get print versions of textbooks, how can I get them?

If I receive physical textbooks, can I buy them at the end of the semester?

How do I return physical textbooks?

When are my textbook rentals due back to the bookstore?

What happens if I do not return the books by the due date?

If my class next semester is going to use the same book, do I still need to return it?

What if I change my schedule/class?

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for other materials I need from the bookstore?

How do I contact the bookstore about my Ivy+ textbook order?


Please select your local campus for specific bookstore location information: