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Bloomington Admissions Representatives


Jennifer Rusk
Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Accelerated Program


Ivy Tech Bloomington strives to provide the best experience for students whether they wish to transfer or go directly into the workforce.  Out team is committed to helping students start their educational journey and find those necessary resources to empower them to succeed.

To set up an appointment, tour campus or other requests email us at bl-info@ivytech.edu.


Alison Garrett
Assistant Director of Admissions
(812) 202-6795


Ivy Tech Bloomington is here to help you explore your goals, and find what education path will be the best fit for you. Whether it's discussing degree options, or learning more about the Bloomington campus, I would be so excited to talk more with you!


Since graduating with my BA in Psychology, I have had the opportunity to serve our community in many ways. Here at Ivy Tech, I'm thrilled to continue working with the Bloomington community, and beyond! Please reach out today to explore what pathway will be the right fit for you.