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Dr. Sue Ellspermann President

Office of the President

Dr. Stacy Atkinson Richmond Campus Chancellor
Dr. David Bathe Lafayette Campus Chancellor
Dr. David K. Balkin South Bend / Elkhart Campus Chancellor
Andy Bowne Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Steven Combs Columbus Campus Chancellor
Lea Anne Crooks Terre Haute Campus Chancellor
Kelly Cozart Interim Evansville Campus Chancellor
Mike Davis Assistant Vice President Internal Audit
Molly Dodge Madison Campus Chancellor
Matthew Etchison Chief Information Officer 
Angie Gonzalez Senior Administrative Assistant 
R. Luis Gonzalez Lake County Campus Chancellor
Mark Graver Lawrenceburg Campus Chancellor
Dr. Travis Haire Sellersburg Campus Chancellor
Matt Hawkins Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Alex Huskey Marion Campus Chancellor
Nancy Ketterman Senior Administrative Assistant and Scheduler
Dr. Kathy Lee Indianapolis Campus Chancellor
Julie Lorton-Rowland Senior Vice President Human Resources
Chris Lowery Senior Vice President Workforce and Career
Dr. Dean McCurdy Kokomo Campus Chancellor
Dr. Jerrilee Mosier Fort Wayne Campus Chancellor
Kara Monroe Provost Senior Vice President
Doran Moreland Vice President Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
John Murphy Senior Vice President of the Foundation
Jeff Scott Muncie Campus Chancellor
Aco Sikoski Valparaiso Campus Chancellor
Jennie Vaughan Bloomington Campus Chancellor
Daniela Vidal Evansville Campus Chancellor
Dr. James Willey Anderson Campus Chancellor

Student Development & Success

Carey Ann Treager Assistant Vice President of Student and Career Development
Cory Clasemann-Ryan Assistant Vice President of Student Success

Academic Affairs

Kara Monroe Senior Vice President & Provost
Russ Baker Vice President of Academic Affairs
Paula Birt Director of Accelerated Associate Degree Programs
Susan Hawkins-Wilding Assistant Vice President of Academic Advising
Marcus Kolb Associate Vice President for College Accreditation, Academic Quality, and Learning Assessment
Glen Roberson Assistant Vice President and Dean of Ivy Institute
Nichole Stitt Executive Director of Curriculum
Vearl Turnpaugh Associate Vice President of Applied Engineering Technology Education
Brian Hamilton Executive Director Statewide Testing Services

Center for Instructional Technology

Matthew Pittman Executive Director
Robbie Morse Senior Instructional Designer
Sara Proffitt Director of Instructional Design Services

Business Affairs

Matt Hawkins Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Sylvia Ackles  Assistant Director Financial Aid
Joy Abel-Kraft Finance Systems Administrator
Jordan Allen  Executive Director Business Analytics
Sheila Anderson Financial System Specialist
Melanie Berg Executive Director Capital Assets Accounting
Carrie Bishop Directory Financial Aid Training & Compliance
William Bogard Vice President Financial Planning & Management
Sherry Boldery Accounts Payable Specialist
Ben Burton  Assistant Vice President Financial Aid
Jennifer Burton Billing & Debt Collection Specialist
Trevor Butler Executive Director Financial Analysis
Nina Carter Assistant Director Financial Aid
Sheila Caudil Payroll Specialist
Dominick Chase Vice President Finance, Strategic Sourcing & Assistant Treasurer
Danielle Coulter Billing & Debt Collection Specialist
Sarah DeWitt  Senior Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Esboldt Accounts Payable Specialist
Alvin Eyerman Budget/Finance Analyst
Christina Fox Billing & Debt Collection Specialist
Kayleigh Francis Financial Aid Processor
Paul Friebus  Financial Aid Processor
Christy Gelback-Diaz Assistant Vice President Accounting & Financial Reporting
Lavette Gladney Financial Aid Specialist
Kathleen Goins Financial Aid Processor
Kiley Hatch Billing & Debt Collection Specialist
Janelle Hatfield Accounts Receivable Specialist
Tammy Henry  Director Billing & Debt Collection
Holli Hunter Assistant Director Financial Aid
Karen Jefferies  Accounts Payable Specialist
Cathy Kernodle Sponsored Program Specialist
Ka Su Kelly Cash Management Specialist
Cindy King Director Payroll
Tim King Account Reconciliation Specialist
Lisa Lindh Director Accounts Receivable & Reconciliation
Mindy Lindley Sponsored Program Specialist
Kim Mercer Payroll Coordinator
Sherry Mayhew Accounts Payable Specialist
Mary Jane Michalak Vice President Government Relations
Sandra Mitchell-Holder Assistant Director Financial Aid
Lisa Moore Payroll Specialist
Michele Neff-Maskell Financial Aid Systems Administrator
Cristina Nicolaidis Director Budget/Finance
Sarah Owen Financial Aid Systems Specialist
Kristina Pappe Financial Aid Processor
Karen Paul Financial Aid Processor
Allyson Pelkey Cash Management Accountant
Michael Perkins  Financial Aid Processor
Angie Price  Accountant Receivable Systems Specialist
Brenda Proctor Accounts Payable Specialist
Chris Rhan Director Accounts Payable
Patricia Roberts Financial Aid Processor
Jaclyn Roush Grants Manager
Suzanne Schmidt Financial Aid Assistant
Jan Sheets Executive Director Vendor Management
Paula Shields Accounts Receivable Specialist
Thomas Skidmore Assistant Vice President Cash & Debt Management
Emmy Tatem Executive Director Sponsored Programs
Corina Thompson Project Director
Heather Vasquez Assistant Director Strategic Sourcing
Favio Vegas Accounts Receivable Accountant
Laura Vegas Financial Aid Systems Specialist
Laura Vest Veterans Benefits Coordinator
Glenna Wells Financial aid Processor
Rick White  Director Facilities Planning
Milton William Financial Aid Processor
Amanda Wilson Vice President Capital Planning & Facilities

College Development / Grants

John Murphy President of Ivy Tech Foundation and Senior Vice President for Ivy Tech Community College
Vacant Vice President Fundraising
Kevin Honigford Assistant Vice President for Development
Annette Lamb Executive Director of Development Operations
Bill Williamson Director of Finance and Administration
Brian Thomas Executive Director of Ivy Tech Grants Office
Becky Miller Executive Director Planned Giving and Advancement Relations


John Murphy President of the Foundation
Celesta Bates Director Finance & Administration 
Kim Conner Finance Assistant 
Candus Dearman Advancement Systems Support Assistant
Annette Flickinger Assistant Vice President Development Operations
Kevin Hoingford Chief Financial Officer
Becky Miller Assistant Vice President Philanthropy
Anna Powell Director Donor Relations
Lauren Rochester Director Grant Operations
Ashley Spurgeon Senior Administrative Assistant
Lisa Stout Advancement Systems Specialist
Brian Thomas Executive Director Grants 

Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Doran Moreland  Vice President Diversity, Equity, & Belonging
Carey Ann Treager Assistant Vice President Student Advocacy

Educational Technology/  Ivy Online

Kara Monroe Provost Senior Vice President 
Tera Archold Educational Technologist (Fort Wayne)
Bruce Ball Educational Technology Assistant
Eurika Bennet Educational Technology Coordinator (Richmond)
Anna Blankenbaker Instructional Designer
Patrick Boggs Educational Technology Coordinator (Terre Haute)
Jacob Clark Educational Technology Coordinator (Madison/Lawrenceburg)
Ashley Coulter Instructional Designer
Gretchen DeHart Educational Technology Coordinator (Muncie/Anderson)
Lisa Erdosy Educational Technology Assistant (Indianapolis)
Holly Gould  Director Educational Technology Support & Operations (North)
Madisen Gunkel Executive Director Instructional Design Services
Stephanie Hopper Educational Technology Coordinator  (Indianapolis)
Dylan Hughes Educational Technology Coordinator (Columbus)
Jordan Keck Educational Technologist (Muncie/Anderson)
Evan Kinch Educational Technology Coordinator (Kokomo/Marion)
Erin Lehman Faculty Lead School of Arts, Sciences, & Education
Cathy Long Senior Training Specialist
Steven Mitchell Educational Technology Coordinator (Valparaiso)
Robbie Morse Senior Instructional Designer
Christina Pearson Educational Technologist (Indianapolis)
Matthew Pittman Assistant Vice President Education Technology
Debra Ponsot Educational Technology Coordinator (Fort Wayne)
Jon Puckett Educational Technologist (Fort Wayne)
Christine Ring Educational Technology Coordinator (Lake County)
Lisa Roberts Educational Technology Coordinator (Bloomington)
Edita Sicken Instructional Designer
Dawn Snyder  Course Scheduler
Lisa Stickdorn Senior LMS Administrator
Jennifer Stofer Educational Technologist (Indianapolis)
Lisa Tolliver Educational Technology Coordinator (South Bend/Elkhart)
Tony Toon Educational Technology Coordinator (Evansville)
Jacob Varney Instructional Designer
Nathan Wagner Educational Technologist (Indianapolis)
Anna Ward Educational Technology Coordinator (Lafayette)
Clifford White Educational Technology Coordinator (Sellersburg)

Internal Audit

Dr. Sue Ellspermann President
Kim Byers Senior Auditor
Mellissa Chavez Internal Auditor
Terry Crumrin IT Auditor
Mike Davis Assistant Vice President of Internal Audit
Deborah Jones Internal Audit Assistant
Judy Huston Internal Auditor
Elsa Mendez Internal Auditor
Charlotte Robinson Internal Auditor
Jason Thompson Senior Auditor
Lawrence Tyler Internal Auditor

Workforce & Career 

Chris Lowery Senior Vice President Workforce & Career
Aaron Baute  Vice President Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
Lindsay Black Workforce Certification Assistant
Karen Bourne Workforce Certification Coordinator
Linda Calvin Vice President Information Technology
Cathy Cutshall Workforce & Career Assistant
Shaylae Dupris Workforce & Career Assistant
Jacqueline Hampton Workforce & Career Systems Specialist
Teresa Hess Executive Director Apprenticeships
Kristine Maxwell Workforce Certification Assistant 
Mark Melnick Executive Director Workforce Strategic Partners
Martha Moody Workforce & Career Assistant
Joe Morris Senior Administrative Assistant
Barb Petro Workforce & Career Assistant
Mary Anne Sloan Vice President Health Care
Sue Smith Vice President Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, & Applied Sciences
Stacy Townsley Assistant Vice President Operations and Implementation


Andy Bowne Senior Vice President Chief Operations Officer
Andrew Adams Directory Emergency Management/Continuity
Jon Barefoot Assistant Vice President Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Kelsey Batten Assistant Vice President Marketing & Communications
Chad Bolser Vice President Operations , Northern Indiana
Brian Bosma Assistant Director Marketing & Digital Services
Jason Carrol Executive Director Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
James Clark Executive Director Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Sarah Cleveland Assistant Vice President Enrollment Strategy
Kyle Dorsch  Strategic Initiatives Project Manager
Jeff Fanter Vice President Marketing & Communications
Kyle Giles  Executive Director Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Ben Grimwood Principal Designated School Official
Lakshmi Hasanadka Executive Director Strategic Initiatives
Gretchen Keller Assistant Director Planning and Engagement
Tim Kelsey Director Environmental Health & Safety/Regulatory Compliance
Jeff Kraft Executive Directive Process Improvement
Kristen Moreland  Vice President Change Management Strategic Initiatives
Mehgan O'Connor Executive Director Marketing & Creative Services
Anthony Robison Assistant Director Marketing & Design
Marie "Val" Romain Assistant Marketing & Communications
Michelle Simmons Vice President Operations, Northern Indiana
Kate Wallace Executive Director for Recruitment Communications
Tanya Webb Principal Designated School Official
Sydney Ziegler Assistant Director Marketing & Design


Kara Monroe Provost Senior Vice President
LaSaundra Alexander Admissions Data Processor
Russ Baker Vice President Academic Affairs
Paula Birt Assistant Vice President K-14 Initiatives/ASAP
Beth Borst Dean Ivy Tech Honors College Indianapolis Campus
Jamaal Burnside Student Records Processor
Lora Burchfield Student Records Processor
Rebecca Campbell  Academic Affairs Assistant
Cory Clasemann-Ryan Vice President of Student Success
Ryan Dean Student Records Processor
Sarah DeWitt Senior Administrative Assistant
Gwenn Eldridge Assistant Vice President Academic Transitions and Support
Brian Hamilton Executive Director Testing Services
Scott Hanneman Student Records Processor
Susan Hawkins-Wilding Assistant Vice President Academic Advising
Brittany Horrall Honors Advisor
Danielle Hughes Honors Advisor
Katie Jenner Vice President K-14 Initiatives and Statewide Partnerships
Marcus Kolb Assistant Vice President Academic Quality & Assessment
Kimberly Larry Student Records Processor
Drew Lurker Director Student Records
Brianna McCart  Student Records Processor
Allison McCloud Admissions Data Processor
Jasmine Moore Director Testing Services
Rebekah O'Brien Coordinator Testing Services
Chad Perez Director Student Record Services
Matthew Pittman  Assistant Vice President Educational Technology
Jennifer Reichmuth Admissions Data Processor
Glen Roberson Assistant Vice President Curriculum
Sha Hanna Soaper Honors Advisor
Michal Stacy Assistant College Registrar
Nichole Stitt Assistant Vice President Curriculum
Kat Stremiecki Executive Director Student Life
Charlene Taylor Student Records Processor
Vearl Turnpaugh Assistant Vice President Curriculum
Michele Vaughn Academic Affairs Assistant
Nick Wesley Admissions Data Processor
Victoria Williams Admissions Data Processor
Pete Wilson Director Student Recorders
Ann Yater College Registrar



Matt Hawkins Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mark Husk Assistant Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Dominick Chase Assistant Vice President for Finance, Chief Procurement Officer
William Bogard Assistant Vice President for Budget Management
Thomas Skidmore Assistant Vice President for Cash/Debt Management
Joy Abel-Kraft Finance Systems Administrator
Jim Ackerman Executive Director of Finance/Financial Reporting
Angela Blackwell Executive Director of Sponsored Program Accounting
Melanie Berg Executive Director of Capital Assets and Debt Accounting
Christy Gelback-Diaz Executive Director Financial Analysis

General Counsel

Jim Clark Assistant General Counsel
J.D. Lux Assistant General Counsel

Human Resources and Legal

Julie Lorton-Rowland Senior Vice President Human Resources
Seth Anderson Benefits Assistant
Kirsten Biel Assistant Vice President Talent Development
Christine Butler Director Employee Benefits
James Clark Assistant General Counsel
Jamie Clouse Human Resources Systems Administrator 
Marlene Emenaker Human Resources Systems Specialist
Jennifer Fisher Assistant Vice President Employee Benefits
Trent Hawker Assistant Director Talent Development
Kendra Hopkins Senior Legal Assistant
Jabari Lewis Assistant Director Risk Management
J.D. Lux General Assistant Counsel
Mike McNichols Vice President  Human Resources
Adrienne Preddie Director Human Resources
Jason Reeves Director Employee Benefits
Sharon Sarjent Human Resources Assistant
Melody Swigert Assistant Director Talent Development
Rachel Williams  Executive Director Talent Development
Santana White Tax Intercept Appeals Bankrupt Coordinator

Information Technology 

Matt Etchison Chief Information Officer
Ryan Blastick Assistant Vice President Shared Services
Eric Gillespie Assistant Vice President Enterprise Service Delivery
Thomas Riebe Chief Technology Officer
Jill Upton Senior Administrative Assistant
Cory Vought Director Business Intelligence

Information Security Infrastructure Services Web Development

Thomas Riebe Chief Technology Officer
Ahmad Arqawi Telecom Engineer
Kourt Bailey Software Engineer
David Beckman Executive Director Infrastructure Services
Christopher Draper Linux Engineer
Jesse Duncan Software Engineer
Frank Foley Windows Engineer
Greg Golightly  Senior Network Engineer
Max Gordon Senior Telecom Engineer/Analyst 
Michelle Hall User Experience Designer
Aaron Hines Senior Network Engineer
Kolin Keane Linux Engineer
Elizabeth Kepner Software Engineer 
Sean Kepner Senior Unix Engineer
Nathan Long Senior Software Engineer 
Pete Maslowski Engineer
Tony McClelland Senior Engineer
Joshua Morgan Senior Windows Engineer
Emiliyan Rousev Senior Systems Engineer
Michael Schultheiss Senior Unix Engineer
Brandy Simon Engineer
Vicky Stanfield  Engineer
Tom Taylor Director Information Security
Jason Underwood Network Engineer
Andrew West Windows Engineer 
Scott Woodall Director Web Development

Project Management

Brett Sharar Executive Director Project Management
James Duffie Data & Reporting Analyst
Richard Logan Business Analyst 
Sue Morris  Quality Manager
Chris Rischar Project Manager
Devon Wade  Business Analyst

Business Intelligence

Bradley Watts Executive Director Data Analytics/Engineering
Ryan Bennett

Data Engineer

Nicholas Buchanan Data Strategy Developer
Tim Escue Business Intelligence Analyst
Zoey Hofeling Data Engineer
Ryan Johnson  Business Intelligence Analyst
Tim Kish Data Strategist
Mick Lindvay Data Strategist Financial Aid
Lydia Rowles Data & Reporting Analyst
Anna Ruel  Data Warehouse Engineer
Cory Vought  Director Business Intelligence

Enterprise Systems

Eric Gillespie Assistant Vice President Enterprise Service Delivery
Tracey Bledsoe ERP Program Manager
Katherine Carter Application Support Engineer
Roark Crawford Senior Applications Support Engineer
Mary Denney Database Administrator
Martha Ehrsam Applications Support Engineer
David Gin Applications Support Engineer
Richard Harden Senior ERP Architect
Marvin Hunt  Software Engineer
Curt Jennings Applications Support Engineer
Dorothy Keyes Senior Database Administrator
Shabeena Liaquathali Senior Database Administrator
Trevor Pierce  Software Engineer
Jeff Spargur Senior Programmer Application Systems Analyst
Aaron Thompson Applications Support Engineer
Terry Wernz Senior Programmer Applications Systems Analyst
Tim Wilburn  Senior Programmer Applications Systems Analyst

Shared Services

Ryan Blastick Assistant Vice President Shared Services
Ahmed AbdulHafiz IT Support
Michael Adams IT Support Administrator
Jon Albright  IT Support
Charles Baker IT Support Administrator
Don Beals Director IT Operations Columbus Campus
Robert Bendele  IT Support
Richard Bluiett IT Support
Alan Breeden IT System Administrator
Cory Brinson IT System Administrator
Jordan Brown IT Support
Brian Boyer IT Support
Sarah Cantu IT Support
Joseph Chewning IT Support
Robert Clark IT Support
Clifford Clarke Director IT Operations Fort Wayne Campus
Christopher Cline Director IT Operations Richmond Campus
Eric Davis Director IT Operations Sellersburg Campus
Kyle Detterich IT Support
Bill Dickison IT Support Administrator
Thomas Dickison IT System Administrator
David Doran IT Network Administrator
Brian Eddmenson IT Support
Tamara Emmons  IT Support
Justin Fielder IT Support
Jose Flores Director IT Operations Lake County Campus
Shawn Flowers IT System Administrator
Jason Fogel IT Support Administrator
Josh Frye IT Support
Jason Gray IT Network Administrator
Damon Hajduch IT Support
Stephen Hancock Data & Reporting Analyst
Adam Hedden Director IT Operations Lafayette Campus
Elizabeth Heflin Director IT Operations Kokomo Campus
Becky Hills  Director IT Operations Evansville Campus
Jeffrey Hockstra IT Support
Basil Houston IT System & Network Administrator
Alexei Houze IT Support
Anna Hughes IT Support Team Lead
Jeremy Johnson Executive Director Information Technology Operations Central
Patty Johnson  IT Support
Alexander Jovanovich IT Network Administrator
Kara Kaufman IT Support
Cody Keller IT Support
Emily King IT Support
Scott Kiser IT Support Administrator
John Kopidlowski IT Support Team Lead
Nikki Lebo Executive Director Information Technology North
Amy Liter Executive Director Information Technology South
Wesley Maier IT Support 
Shamus Martin IT Support 
Johnny McFarland Director IT Operations Indianapolis Campus
James Miller IT Support
Colin Mowery IT Support
Kathy Perry IT Support
Jeremy Pinnell IT Support
W Mark Reeves Network Administrator
Robert Scott IT Support
Zachary Seigh IT Support
TC Shane III IT Network Administrator
Jim Shride Director IT Operations Bloomington Campus
Daniel Smith Director IT Operations Lawrenceburg/Madison Campuses
James Smith IT Administrator
Stephen Smith IT Support
Aaron Soots IT Support
Joshua Thomas Director IT Operations Muncie/Marion/Anderson Campuses
Michael Underwood IT Support
Bert Utterback Director IT Operations Terre Haute Campus
Edward Valentin IT Support
Anna Ward  IT Support
David Williams  IT Support Team Lead
Charles Wills IT Support
Thomas Wilson IT Support
William York IT Support

Enrollment Services , Communications and Marketing

Jeff Fanter Senior Vice President for Enrollment Services, Communications & Marketing

Financial Aid

Ben Burton Chief Student Financial Resources Officer
Carrie Bishop Director of Financial Aid Training & Compliance
Michele Neff-Maskell Director of Financial Aid Systems

Marketing/Communications and Enrollment Management

Kelsey Batten Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications (media contact)
Sarah Cleveland Assistant Vice President Admissions and Recruitment
Mehgan O'Connor Executive Director of Marketing, Web, & Creative Services

Student Records

Ann Yater Assistant Vice President for Student Records
Michal Stacy Assistant College Registrar


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