Theron Walsh's journey to becoming an incoming pharmaceutical industry professional was one marked by determination, adaptability, and a passion for science. 

From Lafayette, Walsh initially embarked on his academic pursuits in biochemistry at Purdue University.  However, the unexpected onset of the pandemic abruptly altered his plans, depriving him of the lab experiences he craved.

"My time spent in the laboratory is the time I enjoyed the most, and I didn’t have that anymore," Walsh reflected, recalling his initial setback. "It was tough.”

Undeterred by the challenges, Walsh pivoted to online learning at Ivy Tech Lafayette, leveraging his time as a full-time server to continue his education. Eventually, he made the transition to Ivy Tech Indianapolis, where he was drawn to its renowned biotechnology program.

"I thought it fit my interests the most,” Walsh said. “Being able to see the change that you’re causing in science is enlightening. It’s enlightening to see how something small can have such a big impact.”

Immersing himself in the world of biotechnology with a focus on biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Walsh found himself in his element. 

"The lab environments at Ivy Tech Indianapolis were fantastic," he enthused. "The equipment is all fairly new, and it was really nice being able to become familiar with the methods and practices of using the equipment in laboratories."

Theron's academic journey received a significant boost when he became a Lilly Scholar, a program designed to support students pursuing credentials in pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality, or relevant industries. Encouraged by his professors, Theron seized the opportunity, recognizing it as a stepping stone toward his career goals.

Reflecting on his experience with the Lilly Scholars Program, Theron highlighted its role in easing his financial burden and fostering connections within the industry. 

"It was awesome," he exclaimed, grateful for the support extended to him as he pursued his educational aspirations.

Moreover, Walsh expressed his underlying motivation to make a difference and help others through his scientific endeavors. 

"The main reason I got into this field to begin with is that I think my purpose should be to help others," he explained. “I think I can do that through scientific research and innovation, and I’m determined to accomplish that.” 

As he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, Walsh is seeking to gain real-world experience before eventually pursuing higher education. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast determination to make a difference, Theron Walsh is poised to carve out a promising career path in the dynamic realm of biotechnology.

With gratitude for the guidance of his professors like Dr. Sengyong Lee and Scott Racine and the support from the Lilly Scholars Program, Walsh remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, eager to embrace the opportunities that lay ahead on his journey to success.

Learn more about the biotechnology program and Lily Scholars @ Ivy Tech.

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