In the realm of higher education, the role of student representation is paramount. 

Since beginning his academic journey, Ahmadzia Momand, a dedicated Ivy Tech Indianapolis student, has taken on significant responsibilities in higher education. Momand's journey as a student representative has seen him appointed to critical positions, such as a student member of the State Board of Trustees at Ivy Tech Community College and as a part of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) Student Nominating Committee

While the State Board of Trustees student member focuses on representing Ivy Tech specifically, being one of six student representatives for the Indiana CHE Student Nominating Committee serves at the state level, encompassing various universities. Momand's involvement in both underscores his commitment to ensuring student voices are heard across multiple educational institutions.

Currently pursuing a degree in business administration, Momand's academic journey and current roles perfectly reflect his aspirations for the future.

"My initial goal with a business administration degree was to start a consultancy firm. However, my interests have since evolved towards higher education management," Momand explained. "A recent fellowship with Complete College America further solidified my passion for this area, leading me to minor in finance to complement my management skills."

Momand's involvement in student governance is extensive, serving as the Student Government Association (SGA) president at Ivy Tech Indianapolis for the past two years. Through initiatives such as monthly town hall meetings and student feedback projects, he has strived to address student needs and foster engagement on campus. Notably, Momand's advocacy has led to plans to establish an SGA lounge. 

“My goal with the lounge is to have a dedicated space for student organizations to come together and enhance collaboration," Momand shared. 

Reflecting on his experiences, Momand expressed gratitude for the mentorship and support he has received from the Ivy Tech Indianapolis administration.

"The institution's strengths lie in providing individualized classrooms, mentorship opportunities, and quick access to administration—a combination that has facilitated my personal and academic growth," he noted. “The Ivy Tech Indianapolis administration is welcoming, and when you talk to them, they're open to feedback and are sure to listen.”

Outside of his campus engagements, Momand has actively participated in national initiatives like the Complete College America national communion. His participation in a year-long fellowship with the organization underscored his commitment to influencing policy and promoting student voices in higher education.

As Momand's journey continues, he remains dedicated to advocating for student representation and fostering a supportive environment for all learners. 

"I strive to be the voice for students where everybody's included and ensure that every student coming to campus has access to the tools and resources they need to be successful," Momand emphasized.

With his unwavering dedication and vision, Momand stands as a beacon of student leadership, driving positive change in the landscape of higher education.

Set to graduate this spring, Momand continues navigating his academic and leadership roles, inspiring students striving to make a difference in their educational communities.

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