High school students can get an early start on their college degree with Ivy Tech Early College pathway programs. Students earn college credits by enrolling in Ivy Tech Community College dual credit courses offered at their schools, leading to the Indiana College Core (ICC). The ICC credential is a 30 credit hour general education core of credit guaranteed to transfer between public colleges and universities.

There is no cost for Ivy Tech dual credit classes, taught by credentialed teachers at high schools. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credits with dual enrollment courses taken online or on-campus at Ivy Tech Bloomington.  Regular tuition and fees apply for dual enrollment.

Harley Chipman
Associate of General Studies (60 credit hours)

Bloomfield High School

Harley chose to take dual credit classes through Ivy Tech because it allowed her to complete college courses while still in high school. She was able to get a head start on her nursing education by earning a full Ivy Tech Associate of General Studies degree before high school graduation. “Before I became an Ivy Tech student I just took high school courses instead of dual credit courses and would have been in college longer,” she said. Ivy Tech helped her achieve her goals by taking 8-week online courses and dual credit courses.

Emily Drummond
Indiana College Core (30 credit hours)
Eastern Greene High School

Emily earned her Indiana College Core credential through dual credit, while simultaneously taking high school classes. She plans to study business administration and finance at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business before pursuing her Master of Business Administration. “Graduating from college before even being out of high school has pushed my [college] applications to a further level than most,” she said.

Students interested in taking dual credit courses should ask their high school guidance counselors about dual credit courses offered and enroll through their school. High schools will assist students in completing the dual credit enrollment process.

Students interested in Ivy Tech dual enrollment courses for an immersive college experience, can contact the Ivy Tech Bloomington admissions team at bl-info@ivytech.edu or call 812-330-6013. 

For more information, visit ivytech.edu/StartCollegeEarly.

Ivy Tech Community College offers more than 70 career and four-year transfer programs, with courses that start multiple times per year for quick entry and graduation. To get started, apply for free online at ivytech.edu, call 812-330-6013, or email askBloomington@ivytech.edu. For information on tuition-free programs at Ivy Tech Bloomington, visit ivytech.edu/bloomington/NLJ.

About Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana's largest public postsecondary institution and the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Ivy Tech has campuses throughout Indiana and also serves thousands of students annually online. It serves as the state's engine of workforce development, offering associate degrees, long- and short-term certificate programs, industry certifications, and training that aligns with the needs of the community. The College provides a seamless transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana, as well as out of state, for a more affordable route to a bachelor's degree.