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Click here for a list of programs with remaining seats for Fall 2021.

Need help with the application process?

Watch the video below or check out our Online Application Guidelines and Student Application FAQ.

Application window for Spring 2022 will open on September 1st – October 12th.

Prior to submitting your application, complete any of the following steps that pertain to your program of interest’s application process. For more details, please visit the program page linked above.

  • Please discuss your academic plan with an advisor prior to beginning the application process.

  • Attend any information sessions (if applicable) for the programs you are interested in. Check the program website to see if an information session is required.

  • Request a copy of your high school transcript as some program applications require it.

  • Complete any required preadmission testing. Please click here for specific testing deadlines.

  • Complete all prerequisite courses.

  • Submit any transcripts from other colleges to the registrar at least four weeks prior to the application deadline. The registrar will evaluate for potential transfer so that any prerequisite course grades might be counted toward admission to certain programs.

  • Gather all documentation of any ​current certifications, i.e. CNA.

  • Have your C number on-hand. 

    • Be sure to include your C# on any preadmission test that you take. This is the only way that your test will get to Ivy Tech and be attached to your application.

    • New students should complete the Ivy Tech general application ​at least five days prior to the limited enrollment application deadline.

    • Currently enrolled Ivy Tech students can find their C number on MyIvy.

    • If you previously attended Ivy Tech but have not been a registered student for the past two years you will need to re-enroll. Click here to find out how.