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What is IvyAccelerate?

IvyAccelerate was launched to help busy adults stay on track and earn college credentials on time. This program makes it possible for adult learners to graduate with a full associate degree in two years or a certificate in just one year by taking classes two evenings per week. Students can choose if they would like to earn an associate degree or certificate after completing the first session.

Some students may be eligible to sign up for free through Next Level Jobs.

IvyAccelerate graduates have the option to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree, enter the workforce, or both.  Students in the Accelerate program will be assigned a program mentor, will work closely with their cohort, and have opportunities to engage in program activities.

How is Accelerate Different?

Classes are held in small, closely-knit groups known as “cohorts” that are made up of students who are studying the same majors. Classmates will remain with their cohort throughout the program—encouraging, assisting, and depending on each other every step of the way. A dedicated Accelerate mentor helps students identify academic goals, then maps out a clear path they can follow to graduation. Program group meetings and activities will be held one Saturday a month.

Who is in the Program?

IvyAccelerate is a selective program for serious students who know the value of teamwork.  Students will work closely with Accelerate staff, program faculty, and other Accelerators in their cohort. Students are required to attend class virtually or in-person two days per week.

Students can utilize the Workforce Ready Grant through Next Level Jobs to pay for the certificate program.

How Do I Apply?

Applying the the Accelerate program happens in three easy steps.

  1. Please fill out this interest form so our staff knows that you are interested in the program and so we can keep you informed.

  2. Fill out an application to both Ivy Tech Community College and to the IvyAccelerate Program.

  3. Find someone who would be willing to recommend you. This could be an employer, co-worker, a professor, or anyone else who knows you as a student / worker. They can submit a recommendation to this e-mail: bloomington-ivyaccelerate@ivytech.edu.

For More Information, Contact Us

Jennifer Rusk, Bloomington IvyAccelerate Director
jrusk5@ivytech.edu   |   (812) 330-6366

For questions about IvyAccelerate, email bloomington-ivyaccelerate@ivytech.edu.