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As a 21st Century Scholar at Ivy Tech, your scholarship covers 100% of the cost of 30 credit hours per academic year!

What is 21st Century Scholars?

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program is a nationally-recognized scholarship program which offers income-eligible students up to 100% of tuition and some regularly assessed fees, such as technology, student-activity and health-services fees at public two-year and four-year colleges within the state of Indiana. This program is designed to help ensure that every Hoosier can afford the opportunity to receive a college education. 

What are the requirements?

To receive the 21st Century Scholarship, students must meet income eligibility criteria and sign up in middle school. Scholars who have signed up for the program must meet certain requirements in high school and maintain expectations throughout college to earn and keep their scholarship.

  • All Scholars must earn a cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. 
  • All Scholars must complete the Scholar Success Program, which consists of activities in high school and college which keep students on track for college and career success. You can track your progress through these activities with ScholarTrack
  • All Scholars must graduate from high school with at least the Core 40 diploma.
  • All Scholars must take advantage of their scholarship benefits within one year after high school graduation.

Get more information about 21st Century Scholarship program requirements at Learn More Indiana.

Why Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech Community College is committed to providing 21st Century Scholars the resources they need to succeed in completing a high-value degree or credential that will help them secure a career in an in-demand field quickly and for the most affordable price.

Full tuition coverage through the Scholars program, plus free textbooks through our Ivy+ program means 100% of the cost of attendance will be covered at Ivy Tech. Other schools may have additional costs they tack on to your bill like textbooks, technology fees, or housing and dining expenses. By staying close to home and attending Ivy Tech, students in this program can spare themselves that extra cost and earn their degree for free. 

Scholars may be eligible to receive additional financial aid on top of the 21st Century Scholarship. Scholars can use any additional funds they receive to help supplement other costs such as local housing or transportation costs. To receive the 21st Century Scholarship and be considered for additional aid, students should be sure to file the FAFSA at

After earning an associate degree for free with Ivy Tech, Scholars have the ability to transfer their credits to over 100 colleges and universities around the country, giving them a free head start on earning a bachelor’s degree, saving them thousands of dollars.

At Ivy Tech, 21st Century Scholars can also take advantage of many other valuable support resources like:

  • Small class sizes which help you get the personal support you need in the classroom
  • Free in-person and virtual tutoring services
  • Free coaching and mentorship through InsideTrack
  • Free career coaching and exploration through Ivy+ Career Link


If you have questions about how your 21st Century Scholarship will benefit you at Ivy Tech, reach out to your campus financial aid contact

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