Chemical Technology


Graduates of the Chemical Technology program are highly-skilled technicians; adaptable to a wide variety of laboratory settings. Through hands-on learning experiences, Chemical Technology students perform cutting-edge analytical techniques, using the same sophisticated instrumentation employed in local industry. Chemical Technology graduates proceed to the workforce with exceptional experience in laboratory safety, solution preparation, sample preparation, instrument operation/troubleshooting, and data analysis.

Chemical Technicians are employed in most, if not every, sector of industry. For this reason, Chemical Technicians may find employment in a number of areas, including, but not limited to: Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Testing, Manufacturing, Food Production, Clinical Laboratories, Biofuel Productions, and Toxicology Laboratories. While the program is designed to prepare graduate for direct entry to the workforce, students have successfully proceeded to other universities to complete their bachelor's degrees. (Be sure to check with receiving institutions concerning specific course transfer opportunities)

Mission Statement
The mission of the Chemical Technology program is to introduce students to the techniques used in the safe handling, manipulation, and analysis of chemical compounds through an array of applications that include wastewater treatment, quality control, pharmaceuticals, research and development, and toxicology. This program prepares students for direct employment with companies that implement instrumental analysis and wet chemical techniques in the qualification and quantitation of chemical entities in complex matrices.

Why Choose the Chemical Technology Program?
The satisfaction of a career where you solve chemical mysteries is only one reason to choose the Chemical Technology program at Ivy Tech. Transferable technical skills and adaptability are the keys to insuring employment in the rapidly evolving technology environment. The Chemical Technology Program equips students with a fundamental and working knowledge of techniques and instrumentation applicable to essentially every industry. Graduates of the program are prepared with strong trouble-shooting, communication, and analytical skills that make them highly desirable in many sectors; even those beyond the chemical laboratory. A degree in Chemical Technology may offer you the freedom of working in any number of environments, allowing you to choose the one that is right for you.


Associate of Applied Science (60 credit hours = 6 semesters)

Associate of Applied Science degree programs are two-year programs that prepare students for careers, career changes and career advancement. Students who need to take longer to complete the degree because of job or family obligations can take the program over a longer period of time. AAS programs may also prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions. These programs offer education in recognized technical areas and specialties with emphasis on analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The program content, which is approximately 30% general education and 70% professional/technical, provides depth and breadth in conceptual and professional/technical skills. The general education courses equip students with the problem solving, communications, scientific and mathematical skills to compete successfully in the job market. Professional/technical courses equip students with the skills to obtain employment and to advance in the workforce.

Courses you will take


Your advisor will help you select electives for your program. Statewide electives, Transfer General Education Core (TGEC) electives, and Transfer Cluster electives vary by degree.

This course schedule is based on full-time attendance for students who have demonstrated college readiness. Please review our course schedules for full-time with college prep courses, part-time and part-time with college prep courses.

NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses. Availability of degrees and certificates varies by campus.

The Chemical Technology program is offered at the following Ivy Tech campuses:

Lafayette  (Lafayette)
Dr. Erin Kerwood
Program Chair
(765) 269-5496