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Triangle of Responsibility

Triangle of Responsibility

In order for benefits to be accurately and timely processed for students, there must be accurate and continuous communication between the student, the school, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Each leg of the triangle plays an important role, and any breaks along the way may result in late or incorrect benefits processing or the loss of benefits to the student.

Student Responsibilities

As a student using VA Educational Benefits at Ivy Tech, you are expected to be aware of the requirements for your particular benefits and timely notify your campus Veteran Services Office (VSO) and/or the VA each semester of you are enrolled. Also, you should notify the school and/or the VA of any changes that may affect your benefits during the semester.

The following items are the responsibility of the student:

  • Apply for benefits with the VA
  • Turn in Request for Certification form each term
  • Communicate with Advisors and the Veteran Services office at Ivy Tech
  • Notify the Veteran Services office of course changes
  • Repay benefits if classes are dropped
  • Certify enrollment with VA monthly if needed
  • Submit military/college transcripts for
  • Seek academic assistance when needed

School Responsibilities

Ivy Tech is committed to assisting all students with their academic pursuits and the Veteran Services Office is focused upon ensuring that all military, veteran students and their families receive the proper information to maximize their benefits and learning experience.

The following items are the responsibility of the school:

  • Certify student course enrollment with VA
  • Report academic progress to VA
  • Report course changes and drops to VA
  • Maintain VA approval for programs offered
  • Provide information on VA Educational Benefits
  • Assist with student advising on VA matters
  • Guidance on local VA outreach programs
  • Assist with campus Veteran Services office

Department of Veterans Affairs Responsibilities

Benefit processing for Ivy Tech is managed by the St. Louis Regional Processing Office in Missouri. They are processed on a first in, first out basis for each term. The VA does their best to process benefits in a timely manner and will communicate with both the school and the student on matters related to benefit processing. In addition, they are available to students to advise and guide on benefit selection, if multiple options are available, and are the source for all regulatory and policy interpretations related to VA Educational Benefits.

The following items are the responsibility of the Department of Veterans Affairs:
  • Advise on benefit eligibility and award amounts
  • Issue student Certificate of Eligibility
  • Process student benefit certifications
  • Issue benefit payments to the student or school
  • Review and approve programs of study offered to vets
  • Perform school compliance audits
  • Issue policy information to school
  • Recoup overpayments from school and/or student

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