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Important Information for Veteran Students

The Veteran Services office requires that an academic credit evaluation be completed for all military training and previous college experience. This means that college and/or military transcripts must be submitted to Ivy Tech for evaluation as early as possible.  Failure to provide college and/or military transcripts for review prior to completing your second term of enrollment can cause delays in benefit processing and possibly a duplication of benefits that can result in benefits needing to be returned to the VA.

Verification of Attendance

If you are Chapter 35 you will receive an attendance verification form in the mail which you must fill out and mail back to the VA in St. Louis before you can receive your check. If you have not heard from the VA in more than six weeks, you may wish to contact the St. Louis office to check on the status of your benefits.

Students utilizing benefits under chapters 30,1606,1607, and VRAP are required to verify attendance online at www.gibill.va.gov or by telephone at (877) 823-2378 on the last day of the month in order to receive benefit payments.

Tuition Payments

All students are responsible for payment of their tuition and fees to the Bursar's Office by semester payment deadlines.

Veterans utilizing Chapter 33 (Post 9-11) benefits will have their accounts flagged for any tuition and fee payments expected directly from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.  Any expenses that are not covered by the VA must be paid to the Bursar’s Office by the semester payment deadlines.

Academic Program Progress

The VA will only provide benefits for courses that are required under a student's declared program of study. Students may enroll in courses that are not required; however, such courses will not be certified and will not be used in determining the amount of monthly benefits received from the VA. For example, a student enrolled in the Computer Information Technology program taking a Medical Terminology class, will not receive VA benefits for the course since it is not a required course in his/her program of study.

Repeating Courses

As a general rule, the VA will not authorize benefits for the repetition of any class that a student has already satisfactorily completed. For example; a student who earned a “D” in a Business Law class may not use VA benefits to repeat this course, as a passing grade was earned and credit was awarded.  An exception to this rule occurs when a specific letter grade is required for satisfactory completion, and a student's grade falls below that requirement. For example: some Medical Assistant and Nursing classes require students to earn a "C" grade or better. Students who do not earn a “C” or better will be allowed to use VA benefits to repeat the course; however, there is a limit to the number of times that a course may be repeated. Please see the Failing Courses section below for more details.

Failing Courses

The VA will only be authorized once for the repetition of a failed course or a course that falls below the specified grade requirement. For example; a student took English Composition and failed, he/she can be re-certified for the same course and receive VA benefits. If the student fails the course again, he/she cannot be certified for a third time for the course. If this occurs, the repeated course will not be included in the student's total number of credit hours enrolled that is reported to the VA for that semester.

Any time a student fails a course with an “FW”, his or her last date of attendance in that course must be reported to the Veterans Administration. The instructor's grade and attendance rosters are used to establish the student's last date of attendance. Once the last date of attendance is reported to the VA they will determine if any benefits must be returned to the VA for failure to complete the course.

Unofficial Withdrawals

Students receiving failing grades in all of his/her courses for a semester, are considered to be an unofficially withdrawn from school by the VA. The student's last date of attendance must be reported to the VA and is used to determine if the student earned the failing grade, or if he/she just stopped attending.

The last date of attendance is also used to calculate the amount of benefit a student is entitled to. VA educational benefits are to be used for school-related expenses; expenses that are not incurred if a student’s attendance is discontinued.  For this reason, it is very important that students complete a Change of Enrollment (drop/add) if they wish to drop or withdraw from class. A formal withdrawal allows Ivy Tech to report the changes in enrollment to the VA and stop benefit processing.  Timely notification to the VA prevents the overpayment of benefits, and the need for a student to repay benefits back to the VA for classes the student stopped attending.


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