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Ivy Tech encourages all of its military members to continue their education and assures them that Ivy Tech will remain flexible and responsive to their needs.

Who is eligible?

A Military Leave of Absence is available to eligible service members who are temporarily called to active duty or deployed from their normal duty stations provided the following criteria is met:

  • Orders must show the student will be deployed for a period of 30 consecutive days or more.
  • Students must be in good standing in their class(es) and be receiving a passing grade at the time of deployment.
  • Students must have met all prior attendance requirements.
  • Students must provide copies of their orders to the Veteran Services Office and the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students must meet with their professor(s) and complete the Student Deployment Agreement to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, Veteran Services Office, Program Chair and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Students are not eligible for a Military Leave of Absence if:

  • They are issued orders of deployment before the class begins.
  • They are notified during the add/drop period for the term.
  • The deployment is for an annual two week training period.

What are my options?

Active Duty, Reservists and National Guard students currently enrolled in a degree program at Ivy Tech have four options when they are deployed:

Option 1 – Drop course(s) with 100% refund: tuition will be removed from the students account.  Prior to dropping courses students must meet with the Veteran Services Office and/or Financial Aid to discuss possible ramifications to any financial aid used for the term.

Option 2 – Receive an ‘Incomplete’ for course(s).

  • Students must notify the Veteran Services Office and Registrar’s Office of their home campus within 30 days of returning from a deployment with their unit.  If the student does not contact their home campus within 30 days of the end of the deployment period listed on the military orders then the “Incomplete” will be converted to an “F”.
  • Students have 30 days to complete the coursework listed on the Student Deployment Agreement from the date of documented return.
  • Students can request an extension if they have extenuating circumstances preventing completion within 30 days by submitting a letter of request and providing supporting documentation to the Academic Affairs Office.
  • If coursework is not completed within the allotted timeframe then the ‘Incomplete’ grade will be converted to an “F”.

Option 3 – Continue with courses via correspondence (e-mail, mail, etc.) assuming reasonable accommodations can be made to fulfill the requirements of the course.  This option is not available for skills development courses that start with “0”.  Students should meet with each professor to make adequate arrangements.  Students must contact their professor and the Veteran Services Office immediately if internet services, or other necessary resources, are not available at their final duty station.

Option 4 – If the student has completed at least 75% of the class, then with the professor’s approval, a “Final Grade” for the course may be assigned.  The decision to allow assignment of a “Final Grade” is solely the decision of the professor for the course.

What if my situation changes?

If there is an extension to, or change of, military orders the student is required to notify the Veteran Services Office and the Registrar’s Office immediately via email, mail, fax, etc.  A copy of the revised orders must be received from the student for the Military Leave of Absence to remain in effect