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Transfer Your College Credit To Or From Ivy Tech

We offer more than 100 transfer programs with in-state and out-of-state schools. Which means transferring your Ivy Tech credits to another college or university has never been easier. Last year, more than 31,000 students transferred. This year, we’d love to help you become one of them.

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Transferring Credits You Earn at Ivy Tech

When deciding where to transfer, there are a few things to consider including:  whether the credits you have earned are transferable to that institution, the compatibility between the Ivy Tech program and the program at other institutions, and the availability of the program you are seeking.  We have a variety of transfer agreements and programs are available.  Click the links below for more details!


Transfer Partnerships with Other Colleges and Universities

Course-to-Course Transfer

Concurrent Admission and Bridge Programs

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Transfer Opportunities



Ivy Tech was the most affordable option for me, and it was the easiest option for me to transfer credits to another university.

--Jevon Simmons


Participating State Colleges and Universities in Indiana

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T-SAP Degree Programs

By completing one of these degree programs you will be eligible to transfer to ANY public four-year institution in the state of Indiana with junior status once you are admitted to that college or university.*  Please watch the video and talk with your advisor for more information!

*No coursework taken at Ivy Tech prior to Fall 2014 can be counted toward completion of a TSAP program.

College Fish.org

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Expanded View

Student Transfer Guide

Transferring to a four-year college or university can be overwhelming and even confusing at times. The Student Transfer Guide above has been developed to help you make decisions about transferring credits and even completing the first semester at your new institution.  This guide has the answers you need to the most commonly asked questions about transferring your credits successfully!


If you are planning on transferring to a four year college/university and you have questions or are experiencing any issues transferring credits, please call 1-888-IVY-LINE or contact your local campus Transfer Advocate. Click on your campus above for contact information.