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Transfer Your College Credit To Or From Ivy Tech

We offer more than 100 transfer programs with in- and out-of-state schools. Which means transferring your Ivy Tech credits to another college or university has never been easier. Last year more than 31,000 students transferred; we’d love to help you become one of them this year.

TSAP Degree Programs

By completing one of these degree programs you will be eligible to transfer to ANY public four-year institution in the state of Indiana. You will be transferred in with junior status once you are admitted to that college or university.*  Please watch the video and talk with your advisor for more information!

*No coursework taken at Ivy Tech prior to Fall 2014 can be counted toward completion of a TSAP program.

The courses mapped for TSAP associate's degrees are based upon a set of competencies agreed upon across all of the public institutions and are the minimum competencies for transfer in these majors. After a statewide review process, some four-year universities may have specific competencies required that are not included in this mapping and may limit the admission options for TSAP students. To increase the likelihood of student success, TSAP advisors in the two-year programs are encouraged to contact the academic advising offices in the major area of the TSAPs at the four-year institutions to discuss the minimum criteria for admission.

It is important that individual students review the published TSAP admission criteria at the specific university/campus to which they wish to transfer. This should be done at the beginning of your enrollment as a TSAP student at Ivy Tech. Understanding admission and degree requirements will facilitate student success. The universities in the state of Indiana are committed to the success of TSAP students, and student success is a three-way partnership among students and the academic advisors at both institutions. A lack of communication after students enroll in a TSAP could result in a misunderstanding of the admission requirements to a specific four-year institution and/or TSAP program, such as minimum grades, specific course sequences, etc., and such misunderstanding could affect the time to graduation. 

Transferring Credits You Earn at Ivy Tech

Transfer Partnerships with Other Colleges and Universities

When deciding where to transfer, there are a few things to consider including: whether the credits you have earned are transferable to that institution, the compatibility between the Ivy Tech program and the program at other institutions, and the availability of the program you are seeking. We have a variety of transfer agreements and programs are available.

Course-to-Course Transfer


Ivy Tech courses that transfer to four-year colleges and universities:

  • Core Transfer Library (CTL): is a list of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades. Core Transfer Library courses will meet the general or free elective requirements of undergraduate degree programs and most CTL courses will also count towards degree program requirements, if an equivalent course is taught at the four-year campus you plan to attend.
  • Non-CTL: other Ivy Tech courses that transfer a single college or university. See your regional academic advisor for a listing of courses in your community.

Concurrent Admission and Bridge Programs

Unique regional transfer programs that often offer scholarships and benefits afforded to students at both Ivy Tech Community College and the transfer college. Some of the following provide special services to transition to the university:

The following programs are restricted to students attending specific Ivy Tech campuses:

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Transfer Opportunities

An associate of applied science (AAS) degree is designed for students planning to join the workforce after graduation. Those who are planning to transfer into a 4 year program should take the Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree while at Ivy Tech. However, students with an earned AAS degree may decide to pursue transfer into a four-year program after completing their program. Several institutions have identified specific transfer opportunities that are available to students with an AAS degree and which allow students to transfer the credits they earned toward a bachelor's degree. Learn more about the schools and programs available for AAS transfer by clicking the appropriate link below:

Participating State Colleges and Universities in Indiana

Purdue University Logo Ball State University Logo Indiana State University IUPUI logo
Indiana University logo University of Southern Indiana logo

Transferring to a four-year college or university can be overwhelming and even confusing at times. The Student Transfer Guide has been developed to help you make decisions about transferring credits and even completing the first semester at your new institution. This guide has the answers you need to commonly asked questions about transferring your credits successfully. Learn more by clicking above!

College Fish.org

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information on transferring!

Expanded View

Transferring Credits You Earn at Ivy Tech

When deciding where to transfer, there are a few things to consider including: whether the credits you have earned are transferable to that institution, the compatibility between the Ivy Tech program and the program at other institutions, and the availability of the program you are seeking.  We have a variety of transfer agreements and programs are available.  Click the links below for more details!

Transfer Partnerships (by Program) with Other Colleges and Universities


Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology


Automotive Technology

Aviation Technology

Building Construction Management

Business Operations, Applications, and Technology (BOAT)

Business Administration

Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Technology

Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Design Technology

Early Childhood Education


Elementary Education

Electronic Technology

Fine Arts

General Studies

Health Information Technology

Hospitality Administration

Human Services

Industrial Technology

Information Technology

Environmental/Interior Design

Liberal Arts

Library Technical Assistant

Machine Tool Technology

Manufacturing Production and Operations

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Medical Assisting


Paralegal Studies

Paramedic Science

Physical Therapy Assistant

Practical Nursing


Professional Communication

Radiation Therapy

Respiratory Care


Special Education

Statewide Transfer General Education Core

Supply Chain Management/Logistics

Surgical Technology

Therapeutic Massage

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Visual Communications

Transfer Partnerships (not Program-Specific) with Other Colleges and Universities


If you are planning on transferring to a four year college/university and you have questions or are experiencing any issues transferring credits, please call 1-888-IVY-LINE or contact your local campus Transfer Advocate. Click on your campus above for contact information.