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Safety, Security, Risk Management

Our top priorities are to: 1. Protect students, staff, faculty and guests; 2. Provide for support/restoration of health, safety and other essential services; and 3. Protect Ivy Tech assets and reputation.

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace: The College is committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace for employees and students. The purpose of the Drug and Alcohol-Free College Policy is to maintain a safe and productive teaching and learning environment and to be in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. As part of the effort to create a drug-free campus, Ivy Tech Community College believes that employees and students should be educated about the physical and emotional health risks associated with the misuse of alcohol and drugs, treatment programs available in Indiana, and the possible legal consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Information on the Drug-Free Awareness Program is available in the office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or in the Office of Human Resources.

Prevent Sexual Violence: Ivy Tech Community College intends to provide a safe place for all students. Violent behavior, direct or indirect threats, harassment, or intimidation will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of all students to help keep the school safe by monitoring their own behavior and reporting incidents involving other students who exhibit any form of violent or threatening behavior. Please see the Prevent Sexual Violence page for more information.


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