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Transfer your credits back to Ivy Tech

Do you ever feel like you have been in school forever and have nothing to show for it? If you have transferred from Ivy Tech Community College to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you may be eligible to earn your associate degree by transferring those credits back to Ivy Tech; the process is called Reverse Transfer.


What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer is a process by which students pursuing a four-year degree could be eligible for an associate degree in general studies or a liberal arts program from Ivy Tech based on a combination of your previous work at Ivy Tech and current course work.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to earning your associate degree. Many employers offer raises or promotions for college degrees earned. In addition, several four year universities offer tuition discounts to students who have earned an associate degree. Please check with your employer or your current college/university to learn more about the benefits you could receive by earning your associate degree at Ivy Tech.

Am I Eligible for Reverse Transfer?

You may be eligible if you have completed 15 credit hours at Ivy Tech, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at Ivy Tech, and have completed more than 60 applicable credits through Ivy Tech or other colleges/universities. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or have recently attended another college or university, you may be eligible, as long as you have not yet received your associate or bachelor’s degree.

What do I need to do next?

First, complete the simple online form found here to indicate your interest in Reverse Transfer.

Next, you must have your college or university transcripts sent to Ivy Tech. Please send them to the address below:

Michal Stacy, Assistant College Registrar
Ivy Tech Community College
50 W Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Alternatively, if your institution participates in electronic transcript ordering, you may request your transcript be sent to Ivy Tech at The transcript must come directly from your college or university.

What happens if I can be awarded an associate degree?

You will be contacted by Ivy Tech informing you of the conferment of the degree to your transcript, and you will receive your degree at the end of the next academic term.

What if I don't meet the requirements for an associate degree?

You will be contacted by Ivy Tech informing you of what class/credits remain outstanding for an associate degree. You will have a few choices.

  1. That course may be required in some form at your college or university and you can resend your transcript after you have completed it there.
  2. You may take the course at an Ivy Tech campus or online
  3. Depending on the requirement missing, you may be able to take a standardized test called CLEP and have the score sent to Ivy Tech.