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Free Summer Classes for High Schools Students

Explore Your Future for Free

Get Free Tuition & Textbooks This Summer!

Make your college goals a reality this summer with FREE courses for high school students at Ivy Tech! Whether you’re just getting started, almost finished, or somewhere in-between, these free courses can help you: 

  • Get started on your college goals 
  • Move closer to college completion 
  • Accomplish Indiana College Core courses
  • Focus on areas needing attention 
  • Explore areas of interest and future careers

Sound interesting? Complete this short form and an Ivy Tech representative will contact you about next steps. 

High School Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors

Taking Ivy Tech courses while in high school gives you the opportunity to explore future careers and discover your passion while earning college credit! You may even have the ability to complete the Indiana College Core or earn an associate degree before you graduate high school, saving you time and money.  

Indiana College Core

The Indiana College Core ensures that your 30 hours of general education credit transfers between public colleges and universities. By completing this credential with Ivy Tech while you’re still in high school, you can guarantee that most, if not all, of your core college classes will already be completed by the time you begin college, regardless of what school you choose to attend. 

Associate Degree

By working hard to earn your associate degree in high school, you will be ready to transition directly into the workforce and begin a fulfilling career after graduation, or you can seamlessly transfer to a four-year college or university and earn your bachelor’s degree in only two years, saving you thousands of dollars. 

Ivy Tech has 20+ associate degrees that qualify for guaranteed admission to many other four-year institutions around the state. 

Graduating High School Seniors (Class of 2023): 

As a graduating senior, you may be planning on attending Ivy Tech or looking to head straight to a four-year institution. You may also be one of many students who are still searching for what comes next and looking for ways to explore your options. Regardless of what path you are on, taking free Ivy Tech courses this summer is a great first step as it will allow you to explore potential future careers, get an introduction to the college classroom, earn college credit, and save money. 

If you like what you see this summer, continue studying with us by registering for courses this fall!