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Supply Chain Automation

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The MSSC Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA) ™ Equipment Maintenance (EM) training is designed to prepare technicians who install, operate, support, upgrade, and maintain the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain. MSSC CT-SCA-EM certificate to be received upon successfully passing the examination. Participants will learn 43 maintenance skills based on the following key activities and maintenance topics.

The MSSC's CT-SCA Certification, a nationally recognized non-credit program, requires 100-150 hours to complete. Upon finishing the first certification, students earn credit for ADMF 101 and ADMF 102. The certification class costs $2,600 per person. It is flexible and tailored to individual skill levels, allowing students to choose from three certifications, with a recommendation to start with Equipment Maintenance.

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How Payment works

Individuals may sign up to take any one of Ivy Tech's skills training classes, or employers may work directly with an Ivy Tech Employer Consultant on the Ivy+ Career Link team to arrange for its employees to register for a specific class.

Students can pay for the class on their own or submit the cost for reimbursement if their employer has a tuition reimbursement plan. If their employer participates in the Achieve Your Degree program or has deferred billing authorization, students can benefit from deferred billing and payments and do not have to pay any tuition upfront. Employers can also work with their local Employer Consultant to arrange for payment of a particular class for its employees. 

Employer Benefits

Your employees are your greatest asset, and your company's success depends on their knowledge and skills. Investing in skills training is one of the most critical decisions you can make for your business.

Ivy Tech provides a wide range of short-term skills training courses, also known as workforce training or professional development classes, through our statewide network of campuses. These programs are designed to help you affordably and conveniently offer top-notch, close-to-home training for your employees. Our industry-recognized, affordable, and high-quality classes ensure you receive the highest return on your investment, enhancing your team's capabilities and driving your company's success.

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Credentials Available

  • When your employee earns their Certification in Equipment Maintenance, they’ll learn how to implement and remove equipment and develop system safety protocols, monitor and maintain schedules for keeping equipment in working condition, learn how to safely use hand tools to maintain equipment, and more. At the end of the certification, they’ll gain skills that include, but aren’t limited to: 

    • Installing an electrical and pneumatic lockout/tagout
    • Aligning and adjusting chain drives
    • Locating and interpreting safety data sheets for lubricants
    • Adjusting vacuum cup pressure
  • When your employee earns their Certification in Equipment Repair, you’ll learn how to install and maintain PLCs and PLC modules, troubleshoot and repair PLCs with discreet I/O PLC modules, operate and test equipment network systems, scanners, and run systems, and more. At the end of the certification, they’ll gain skills that include, but aren’t limited to: 

    • Interpreting electric control schematics
    • Testing a control relay
    • Installing electrical wiring and components
    • Installing a roller conveyor O-band
  • When your employee earns their  Certification in Network Repair Skills, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot machines, prepare them for repair, complete the repairs, as well as installing, moving, or removing equipment. At the end of the certification, they’ll gain skills that include, but aren’t limited to: 

    • Creating and configuring a new PLC project
    • Troubleshooting a PLC system 
    • Interpreting and cleaning a VFD fault
    • Installing basic Ethernet network cabling and components

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We know every business is different, and the short-term, non-credit skills training classes we offer may not hit the exact skills you need. That’s why we also provide corporate education and skills training customized for your needs—offered how, when, and where you need it. We can develop training in a variety of disciplines—management and supervisory skills, safety, healthcare, information technology, and many more—and focus on topics or certifications that will help your employees gain skills and your company succeed.