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What is the Aware Team?

The purpose of the AWARE Team is to promote the safety and well-being of our college community. The team provides a framework for information sharing and the development of support plans for students of concern. This cross-campus team meets regularly to detect student behaviors that are concerning. They engage in proactive and collaborative approaches to promote individual well-being and success while also prioritizing community safety.

Meet the AWARE Team

Dr. Amy Ward
Vice Chancellor for Student Advocacy
Learn More About Dr. Ward

William Glasser
Dean of Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and School of Public Affairs and Social Services
Learn More About Mr. Glasser

Amber Young
Executive Director of Human Resources
Learn More About Ms. Young

Terrance Johnson
Assistant Director of IvyCares
Learn More About Mr. Johnson

Jeannie Hamblin-Fox
Executive Director of Henry County Site & Campus Support
Learn More About Ms. Hamblin-Fox

Merrill McKinley
Mental Health Services
Learn More About Mr. McKinley

Brandon Gonzales
Department Chair for Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology
Learn More about Mr. Gonzales

Peter Belser
Assistant Professor of History
Learn More About Mr. Belser

Mike Cline
Disability Support Services Assistant
Learn More About Mr. Cline

Holly Hudson
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Learn More About Ms. Hudson

Stephen Hamilton
Collegiate Recovery and FSSA Grant Coordinator
Learn More About Mr. Hamilton