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Legal Studies
Legal Studies is designed for students who want to begin a course of study that will take them from Ivy Tech to a bachelor’s degree and, maybe one day, on to law school or other graduate program!

Students in the Legal Studies program will learn about government structures, sources of law, legal research and writing, civil procedure and litigation, and legal ethics.

As a transfer degree, the Legal Studies program is a starting point for a student interested in the law.  It is designed to be a transfer program; however, students may be able to transfer into a variety of different disciplines, including: paralegal, legal studies, law in liberal arts, and other bachelor’s programs.  If you are interested in the law, then Legal Studies is the right starting point for you!

Our Graduates

Graduates of the Legal Studies program are able to transfer to a four-year program in a variety of different disciplines.  Most often, the transfer program will be labeled legal studies, paralegal studies, or law in liberal arts.  However, we also have students who have successfully transferred to general studies, organizational management, psychology, political science, and a variety of other programs.

Transfer Partners

If you would like to continue your education after completing your Ivy Tech degree, we have several four-year transfer partnerships in place. Talk to your transfer advocate for more information about transfer opportunities!

Degrees & Certificates

Please select from our degrees below for class and location information. More information is available on each degree in the dropdown above.

Academic Catalog: Review the program degree requirements and course descriptions.

Transfer Degrees

Associate of Science
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Associate of Science - Online
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses. Availability of degrees and certificates varies by campus.

Program Student Learning Objective

Program Locations

The Legal Studies program is offered at the above Ivy Tech campuses: