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Classes are exactly what you might expect. In this format the instructor and students gather in an on-campus classroom at a scheduled time.


Classes are where there is no scheduled class meeting time but students do have plenty of opportunity to interact with their instructor through IvyLearn. Course assignments will be assigned and completed through your IvyLearn class page on a weekly (or regular) basis.


Classes are similar to traditional classes but instead of meeting in the classroom you meet in a live video call at a scheduled time.


Classes mix the traditional course format with virtual or online formats. There is a scheduled class time, but you’ll spend some days in the classroom, and some days in an online learning space.

Learn Anywhere

Classes are taught in the classroom at a scheduled time but can also be accessed in a virtual format. Attendance at each class session is mandatory but students have the choice of whether they would like to attend in person or virtually on a week-to-week basis.