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Global Learning Close to Home

Want to earn a certificate with your degree that shows your future employers you have the ability to think globally? Many U.S. businesses are expanding their operations into different areas of the world, so you are very likely to interact with people from other countries and cultures on the job. A Global Learning Certificate may be just what you are looking for!

Ivy Tech faculty members have worked together to redesign curriculum for some of Ivy Tech's business, education, humanities, healthcare, technology and life science courses. These areas are some of Indiana's biggest high-growth sectors of the economy and areas where you need to be able to think critically and in terms of global perspectives and competencies. With the Global Learning Certificate you can apply your knowledge in your own community, throughout the state of Indiana, and around the world!

This certificate will teach you about thriving in a global workforce and how to succeed in a diverse society, which are skills valued in today's competitive job market.  You will also have the opportunities for exposure to different cultures through supplemental education experiences, such as studying abroad or taking part in international activities on your campus. A Global Studies Certificate will increase your knowledge and awareness of the world and will make you more marketable in finding a job.

Program Requirements for the Global Studies Certificate:
  • Global Studies Certificate Form
  • Global Studies Orientation - meeting to discuss the benefits, and requirements of the certificate
  • Global Studies Electives - 15 credits of global-module courses, many of which are already within the two-year curriculum
  • Global/International Resume - outlining global experiences and letters of reference
  • Global Studies Capstone Experience - completion of an international project, research, competition, community service, service learning, or travel study experiences
  • Global Immersion - participation in global, cultural, or diversity related activities which may include attending conferences/workshops, completion of the U.S. Institute of Peace Certification, becoming a member of a professional or community group, and maybe even an international travel experience.  Talk to your advisor for more information about your options!

Global Learning Courses

Ivy Tech is proud to offer a variety of global learning classes for you to choose from, representing a variety of academic programs.  Take a look below to see all we have to offer. 


Advanced Manufacturing

  • ADMF118 - World Class Manufacturing


  • ACCT101 - Financial Accounting

Anatomy & Physiology

  • APHY101 - Anatomy & Physiology I


  • AGRI111 - Intro to Crop Production
  • AGRI201 - Communicating Across Cultures


  • ANTH103 - Human Origins and Prehistory
  • ANTH154 - Cultural Anthropology    
  • ANTH254 - Intro to Archeology

Art History

  • ARTH101 - Survey of Art & Culture I
  • ARTH102 - Survey of Art & Culture II


  • BIOL101 - Intro to Biology
  • BIOL120 - Environmental Science


  • BUSN120 - Business Ethics Social Respsonsibility
  • BUSN202 - HR Management
  • BUSN207 - Intro International Business
  • BUSN243 - International Marketing
  • BUSN244 - International Supply Chain
  • BUSN245 - Global Business Finance


  • COMM101 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • COMM102 - Intro Interpersonal Comm


  • CINS101 - Intro to Microcomputers

Criminal Justice

  • CRIM101 - Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRIM103 - Cultural Awareness


  • DESN107 - History of Architecture

Early Childhood Education

  • ECED120 - Child Growth and Developmt
  • ECED130 - Developmentally Appropriate Guidance in Cultural Context


  • ECON101 - Economics Fundamentals
  • ECON201 - Principles of Macroeconomics


  • EDUC101 - Introduction to Teaching
  • EDUC255 - Intro to Multicultural Teaching

Environmental Design

  • EDSN203 - Professional Practice
  • EDSN210 - History of Environmental Design

Engineering Technology

  • ENGT120 - Engineering Concepts in Tech


  • ENGL111 - English Composition
  • ENGL112 - Exposition and Persuasion
  • ENGL220 - Intro to World Literature I
  • ENGL221 - Intro to World Literature II
  • ENGL227 - Intro to World Fiction
  • ENGL245 - Literature of the Old Testament
  • ENGL248 - Linguistics


  • GEOG207 - World Geography


  • HIST101 - Survey of American History I
  • HIST102 - Survey of American History II
  • HIST111 - World Civilization I
  • HIST112 - World Civilization II
  • HIST210 - African American History


  • HOSP102 - Basic Food Theory & Skills

Human Services

  • HUMS109 - Understanding Diversity

Human Services (cont.)

  • HUMS110 - Women’s Issues
  • HUMS270 - Multicultural Practice


  • MKTG101 - Principles of Marketing


  • NRSG201 - Complex Medical Surgical Nursing for the ASN Clinical
  • NRSG206 - Nursing Care of Childbearing & Childrearing Families
  • NRSG207 - Nursing Care CB Clinical


  • PARA101 - Intro to Paralegal Studies


  • PHIL101 - Intro to Philosophy
  • PHIL102 - Intro to Ethics
  • PHIL220 - Philosophy of Religions

Political Science

  • POLS101 - American Government & Politics
  • POLS211 - Intro to World Politics


  • PSYC101 - Introduction to Psychology


  • SOCI111 - Intro to Sociology
  • SOCI164 - Intro Multicultural studies
  • SOCI245 - Cultural Diversity in the US

Travel Study

  • AGRI192 - US Agricultural Field Exp.
  • AGRI194 - International Ag Field Exp.
  • EDSN224 - Travel Study
  • HUMA250 - Travel Study

Visual Communications

  • VISC114 - Graphic Design I

World Language

  • AMSL101/102 - American Sign Language
  • ARAB101/102 - Arabic
  • CHIN101/102 - Mandarin Chinese
  • FREN101/102 - French
  • SPAN101/102 - Spanish
  • SPAN240 - Intro to Literature of Spanish




Contact a Global Studies Coordinator

If you would like to earn a Global Learning certificate, contact your Global Learning Coordinator listed in the dropdown above.