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What is verification?

Verification Instructions and HelpThe U. S. Department of Education selects some FAFSA applicants for a process called verification. FAFSAs selected for verification may include those with inaccurate or incomplete information, although many are selected at random. Ivy Tech Community College may also select students for verification. If you are selected, you will be asked to complete a verification worksheet and provide income documentation to Ivy Tech. Documentation of your spouse’s or parents’ information may also be required.

It is to the student's benefit to respond to and complete the verification process as quickly as possible because no packaging, awarding, and disbursement of aid will occur until verification is completed. Participation in the verification process is not optional; it is a federal requirement. Failure to comply with and complete the verification process may result in loss of financial aid eligibility. If there are any differences found between information reported in the FAFSA and actual figures in your documentation, adjustments may be made to your eligibility.

Where do I find required forms?

If you are selected for Verification, you will receive an email notification from Ivy Tech directing you to our Verification Center where you will see a list of requirements.

Income Verification Information

Students selected for verification must document their income (and, in some cases, the income of their spouse or parent/s) for the specified tax year. New regulations now prohibit colleges and universities from accepting copies of tax returns.

If you did not utilize the IRS Tax Retrieval tool when you completed your FASFA, you will need to either

  • Process a FAFSA correction (go to and choose "Make FAFSA Correction"), or
  • Obtain an official Tax Return Transcript -- not an Account Transcript -- from the IRS.
    • Visit a local IRS office and ask them to produce a Tax Return Transcript while you wait.
    • To order a Tax Return Transcript visit and click on "Order a Return or Account Transcript", or call the IRS at 800-908-9946. Tax transcripts requested by phone or online could take anywhere from four to six weeks. We highly recommend you use the IRS Tax Retrieval.

How will I know when the verification process is completed?

After the review process is complete, the student will be considered for financial aid. The student will receive notification via their Ivy Tech email account when award information is available in the Awards section of My Ivy Tech accessible through MyIvy. Remember, it is the student's responsibility to submit the required paperwork in a timely manner.

Delays which may occur due to late submission of verification documents

  • No financial aid funds may be credited or disbursed, and no financial aid funds can be used for bookstore charges, until the verification process is complete and your eligibility is determined.
  • May postpone you and your family's ability to finalize your plans on how to pay for your college education.
  • Financial aid cannot be posted against your Ivy Tech bill until verification is completed. This may result in you having to pay the entire bill when due, late fees, and/or cancellation of registration.

Changes which may occur due to verification

  • Student status change may affect residency, dependent/independent status, and other qualifiers for eligibility.
  • Change in Expected Family Contribution (EFC) may affect eligibility requirements for receiving Pell and other grants as well as other types of aid.

If you have questions about any of the financial aid policies, please contact your financial aid office. You can also view current detailed information about your financial aid account in MyIvy. All policies and procedures are subject to an ongoing review by the College. Changes are made when necessary to ensure that the needs of both the students and College are met. The College reserves the right to change policies and/or procedures at any time without notice.

Still have questions about Verification? Check out our FAQs at or call 1-888-IVY-LINE.

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