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Build your company's talent pipeline and strengthen your workforce with training and professional development for maximum impact.

By 2025, over 60% of Indiana jobs will require postsecondary educated workers across a variety of degree types. Currently, only 48.3% of Hoosiers currently hold some level of postsecondary education. Ivy Tech Community College is uniquely situated to significantly impact this gap through its statewide presence, diverse range of in-demand programs, and proven ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our communities. Through Ivy+ Career Link, we are further leveraging these strengths to enable our students and employer partners to be more competitive in today’s global economy.

About Us

Ivy+ Career Link brings together expertise and resources that maximize the potential of employers and community partners as they strive to develop their employees and improve profitability and productivity. We offer high-quality training programs, career assessments, hiring and retention tools, and access to a valuable network of Ivy Tech students and alumni to help your company achieve its workforce goals.

Why Ivy Tech?

For nearly 60 years, Ivy Tech Community College has been a catalyst for workforce development, partnering with employers to provide high-quality career training and ensure our educational programs can best meet their needs. Through the development of Ivy+ Career Link, Ivy Tech has expanded on that commitment by evolving its services.

How We Serve You

  • We offer high-quality training  and professional development to strengthen your workforce. This includes industry-recognized certifications and customized training options designed for your unique needs.

    • Achieve Your Degree provides your employees the opportunity to earn a college credential at a minimal cost, while allowing you to develop top talent within your organization.

    • Next Level Jobs provides free training for Hoosiers, while the Employer Training Grant provides reimbursement for training, hiring, and retaining new and incumbent workers. 

  • We help you recruit and retain talent by connecting you to our valuable network of students and alumni.

  • We work with you to offer work-and-learn opportunities for students early in their education to help them develop skills aligned with your specific workforce needs. From internships to special projects, work-and-learn experiences help set your company apart in today’s competitive employment environment.


Ivy Tech Community College and Ivy+ Career Link take the employer relationship to a whole new level. Ivy Tech serves as a destination for employers to connect and interact early on in the student life cycle with candidates who are skilled and ready to meet the demands of the world-of-work. This strategic approach focuses on honing employability skills working to meet the specific skills and training needs of employers in Indiana and neighboring states. Ivy Tech is training those ready to launch their careers by meeting the critical demands of the workforce. From high school to Ivy Tech talent, building a pipeline of a skilled workforce to your doorstep is a priority. Whether you are looking for internship, apprenticeship, or full-time career talent, Ivy Tech makes it easy to connect skilled and career-ready talent with your opportunities.

Talent Connection Managers can work with you to develop a customized talent pipeline plan through: 

  • Early and frequent engagement with students;
  • Recruiting fairs;
  • Work and Learn/Internship program development;
  • Access to alumni and students via our career platform, HireIvy;
  • and so much more!

To start a Talent Pipeline Discovery discussion today, please select your nearest Talent Connection Manager by campus below.


Ivy Tech is Indiana’s largest postsecondary institution, and 91% of our students remain in the Hoosier state upon graduation. As a result, employers who partner with us have an inside track on some of the best talent in Indiana and beyond. We offer a variety of ways to interact with our students and alumni, including internships, job shadowing, mock interviews, career fairs, and Q&A panels. Contact your campus Talent Connection Manager to find out more.

Have a position or internship you’re looking to fill? Get the word out to our students and alumni with HireIvy, Ivy Tech’s student and employer job portal and career services system. A posting on HireIvy will position you as an employer of choice with our statewide student and alumni network.

New to HireIvy? Download our QuickStart Guide to start! 


What is Work and Learn at Ivy Tech Community College? 

Review our Work and Learn Terms and Definitions to find out more. 

Work and Learn experiences, such as internships, micro-internships, and co-ops,  are opportunities to allow students to learn more about their career field and employers to make connections with the future workforce. Ivy Tech will work directly with employers to develop and market work & learn experiences to the audience most closely matching their skill requirements.

>>Don't know where to start? Review our Internship Guidelines.

Virtual internships provide employers a way to connect with talent without the need to be on site. To help employers make the most of these opportunities, our Virtual Internship Guidelines help you develop project-based or virtual internship experiences that can provide you with a competitive hiring advantage and get assistance with relevant projects.

At Ivy Tech, we love to celebrate our interns and those employers who support them in their career journey! See how our Ivy Tech Incredible Interns and employer partners benefited from their Work and Learn experiences.

To discuss building a Work and Learn program, recruit students for your current program, or to discover ways to promote your program, contact your campus Talent Connection Manager from the drop down menu below. 

Talent Connection Managers by Campus




Anderson Brooke LeMay
Bloomington Ashley Gilstrap
Bloomington Michael Waterford
Columbus Neil Bagadiong
Evansville Chris Johnson
Fort Wayne Anh Lapsley
Fort Wayne Meghan Stevens
Hamilton County Lisa Beasley
Indianapolis Jenny Trusler
Indianapolis Katie Marbley
Kokomo Emily Speer
Lafayette Sabrina Vary
Lafayette Tiffany Miller
Lake County LaVeta Hughes
Lawrenceburg Brandon Wernert
Madison Greg Schneider
Marion Stephanie Herschberger
Muncie Jordan Steiner
Richmond Aaron Soots
Sellersburg Andrea Bush
South Bend Alex Friedman
Terre Haute Monica Larsen
Valparaiso Jermara Hughes
Valparaiso Scott Austin