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Dual Credit Information for High School Students & Parents

Last year, Ivy Tech's dual credit program saved Indiana families nearly $55 million in college tuition costs. Not only will it save you and your family money, you'll also save yourself time by completing some of your college classes now. The classes you take while in high school can earn you college credits.

After you graduate high school, you can continue taking classes at Ivy Tech and work toward a certificate or degree. The college classes taken while you were in high school will be counted toward your Ivy Tech degree. Your credits may also transfer to a different college or university. Interested in getting started? Complete our dual credit application today!

High school students can take Ivy Tech classes in any of the following ways:
At your high school.
Most Indiana high schools offer a variety of Ivy Tech courses right on your high school campus. Best of all, the classes are free!

At an Ivy Tech campus.
When you take a class at an Ivy Tech campus, you'll have a wider variety of classes to choose from. Explore our course search to see our classes. Ivy Tech tuition and fees apply.

Taking a college class online gives you the flexibility to do assignments and homework on your own schedule. Visit our online course search to see our course offerings. Ivy Tech tuition and fees apply for online courses.

Success Stories

Michael Lakes

"I got most of my general education courses out of the way, which has allowed me to focus more on my area of interest." Michael Lakes

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Clara Judd

"Every student who has the option of taking dual credit classes should take them." Clara Judd

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Get started today! Talk to your high school counselor or principal, or contact the Ivy Tech campus nearest you.