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Design Technology
Items that we use every day have been created by people with design technology backgrounds. Before something is put into production it must be designed. There are a variety of industries in which students can work including, architectural firms, construction companies, machining companies, and more.  
Median Design Technology Salary in Indiana
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Annual Design Technology Salary Range
$45,161 - $86,241
Wage data taken from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. May 2020 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates: Indiana. (2021).

The Design Technology program prepares students for challenging professions in the design disciplines. In conjunction with their academic advisor, students can select elective courses from many areas to focus their program of study such as, Mechanical Design, Architectural Design, Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Civil Design, Computer Graphics, and others.

Students in the Design Technology program have access to the most current hardware and software used in the disciplines. Overall program emphasis is on technical rigor and foundation development. Graduates have the skills and knowledge required to respond to future employment challenges or continue their education at other colleges or universities.

Our Graduates

The Design Technology program prepared students for careers in a variety of environments including, architectural firms, construction companies, big manufacturing companies, medical companies, fire safety companies, machining companies, and more!  Graduates will also have the foundation needed to begin a career in this field or to transfer to the four-year university of their choice.

Transfer Partners

If you would like to continue your education after completing your Ivy Tech degree, we have several four-year transfer partnerships in place. Talk to your transfer advocate for more information about transfer opportunities!

Face Shield Project

Learn more about the statewide efforts to create face shields using the 3D Printers at Ivy Tech campuses throughout the state.

Face Shield Project

In 2020, Ivy Tech's statewide face shield project, in collaboration with Indiana University School of Medicine and the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, helped prodiuce over 4,300 face shields that were distributed to Indiana hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments, medical clinics, health departments and a central distribution center at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

ivy tech transfer opportunities transfer credits back to Ivy Tech
ivy tech transfer opportunities transfer credits back to Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech Community College's Design Technology program prepares student for a variety of environments including architectural firms, construction companies, and more! Arconic Foundation is one of Ivy Tech's Design Technology partners that provides careers for graduates of this program.

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Degrees & Certificates

Please select from our list of certificates, technical certificates, and degrees below for class and location information. More information is available on each degree and certificate option in the dropdown above.

Academic Catalog: Review the program degree requirements and course descriptions.

Technical Certificates:

Technical Certificate
(31 credit hours = 2 semesters)


Architectural Design
(18 credit hours = 2 semesters)

Computer-Aided Design 
(18 credit hours = 2 semesters)

Computer Graphics
(18 credit hours = 2 semesters)

Mechanical Design
(18 credit hours = 2 semesters)


Associate of Applied Science
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Transfer Degree:

Associate of Science
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

When applying for many of our Technology programs, we encourage you to apply for either a Certificate or Technical Certificate when filling out the online application for admission, even if your end goal is to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree.  By starting at the Certificate or Technical Certificate level you will be able to earn several stackable workforce certifications.

NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses. Availability of degrees and certificates varies by campus.

Program Outcomes

Completion Guides

Completion guides provide the recommended path to graduation, broken out by 8-week term. Courses are also numbered to show an overall number for students taking fewer classes at a time. Please consult with your advisor to determine which classes are the best option for you to take.

Associate of Science - Design Technology

Associate of Applied Science - Design Technology

Certificate - Architectural Design

Certificate - Computer-Aided Design 

Certificate - Computer Graphics

Certificate - Mechanical Design

Technical Certificate - Design Technology

Completion guide to be posted soon


Program Locations

The Design Technology program is offered at the Ivy Tech campuses above.