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Facilities Operating Engineers First Class Licensing Seminar (ASOPE)


Engineer a Career in Boiler Operation

What You’ll Learn

This seminar takes the knowledge students have acquired and puts it all together to operate the plant in a safe and efficient operation. It prepares participants to sit for the ASOPE Facility Plant Operator First Class License exam. Participants must be able to lead the employees under their supervision by a true knowledge of the job. To sit for the First Class License exam, you must have two years operating experience and held the Facility Plant Operator Second Class License for one year and/or proof of four years of operating experience.

  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Advanced Electrical Equipment Diagnostics
  • Facility Motor Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Lighting Efficiency
  • Advanced Fuels Combustion and Efficiency
  • Gas and Oil Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Boiler and Steam System Operation
  • Steam System Efficiency
  • Advanced Boiler Construction
  • Intermediate Physics and Chemistry
  • Advanced Boiler Maintenance
  • Advanced Burner Safety and Operating Control Systems
  • Heat Engines
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Facility Water Usage and Efficiency
  • Emergency Diesel Generator Operation and Maintenance
  • Pump and Valve Maintenance
  • Facility Energy Efficiency
  • Facility Building Heating and Cooling Systems Control Optimization
  • Facility Refrigeration Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Pneumatic and Electrical Controls Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Air Quality Control  Safety and Environmental Codes
  • Facility Maintenance Management Systems

Career Options

For information on what Boiler Operators do, visit the ASOPE website.

Class Details

Participants will sit for the ASOPE Facility Plant Operator licensing exam on the last day of class. Exams are proctored by Ivy Tech’s Workforce Certification Center.


  • Minimum age - Adult
  • Education - High School Diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Experience - Two years
  • Minimum time in previous grade - One year
  • Examination - Written (Oral or Practical when necessary)
  • Maximum Prime Mover Horsepower (Unsupervised) - 1000 Hp
  • Maximum Boiler Size (Unsupervised) HP - 300 BHP / LP Unlimited BHP
  • Maximum Refrigeration or Air Conditioning (Unsupervised) 500 ton

Upcoming Classes

Class Location

Class Dates
  • Sep 9, 2024 – Sep 13, 2024 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
Terre Haute

Ivy Tech Center for Workforce Development
1700 E Industrial Drive
Terre Haute, IN 47802

In Person, Instructor-Led
Contact: Amy Akers , 812-298-2485,

Costs may vary by location given differences in the cost of supplies and class provider.