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Catapult Indiana Training


What You’ll Learn

This advanced manufacturing standardized work training covers nine primary topics with equal focus on theory and lab/simulation in production fundamentals.

Career Options

Participants are paid for their time spent in classroom-based training for the 160 hours of training at $10.00 per hour, subsidized by local companies with the commitment of an internship.

Class Details

The program consists of 160 hours of classroom instruction covering relevant theory, hands-on training with tools and equipment, and simulations. Training includes Pre and Post-test evaluations conducted during class sessions with a 70% pass rate needed for a certificate of completion. This training lasts 4 weeks (160 instructional hours) and classes are offered during the day. This class is 50% instructor-led and 50% lab/field work.

Ivy Tech skills training classes do not earn you college credit on their own, but they may crosswalk into Ivy Tech's academic degree programs should you decide to pursue that route in the future. Speak with your advisor to learn more about getting credit for prior learning.

Upcoming Classes

We’re sorry, this class is not currently scheduled at any Ivy Tech location, but it may be offered again in the future.

Contact your local Ivy Tech campus with questions about when this class may be offered.