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Ivy+ IT Academy

Accelerated IT Skills Training
for In-Demand Jobs

the IT Academy

With Indiana's tech industry rapidly growing, Ivy Tech is making it easy to get the skills you or your employees need to keep up—and even get ahead. The IT Academy will offer the most advanced and innovative way to rapidly get in-demand IT training and skills.

Students can earn accelerated skills training certificates through the Academy's regular classes and intense summer boot camps—some as quick as a few weeks or months! All training is designed to quickly give students the skills they need to enter and succeed in Indiana's tech industry.

IT Academy will provide high-touch digital, humanized skills training by offering market-relevant credentials and certificates with a hyper-focus on outcomes!

The initial certifications available through the program will include:


IS THE IT ACADEMY Right for You?

The IT Academy provides accelerated, flexible, and industry-leading training across the state for:

  1. Current IT Professionals – Learn a new skill to stay competitive in your workplace and the industry
  2. Career Changers – Take a class to start your new tech career then build on it with more Academy classes or Ivy Tech for-credit courses over time to become an invaluable asset to your new employer
  3. Current or Recent High School Students – Explore IT quickly and affordably before declaring a formal major or career path
  4. Indiana Employers – Rely on the Academy as your "one-stop-shop" to skill up your workforce on the newest technologies and software

Google CAreer Certificates

Thanks to our partnership with Jobs For the Future (JFF), we are currently offering Google Career Certificate courses to Hoosiers for FREE in the following programs:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • IT Support
  • Project Management
  • UX Design

The courses are completely virtual and self-paced through the Coursera learning platform, with on-site support from instructors and other Google learners. The programs can be completed in as little as 3-6 months when dedicating under 10 hours of flexible study per week.

Our Partners

The IT Academy curriculum will be developed in collaboration with the help of our information technology partners to ensure all training is relevant to the constantly-evolving industry.

Ivy+ Partner Logos

IT Academy Details

  • Available at All Ivy Tech Campuses & Online

    The IT Academy will offer classes at all 19 Ivy Tech campuses in Indiana, with in-person, online (synchronous and asynchronous), and hybrid class options for students. Employers can also work with us to develop custom training to be taught at any of their Indiana locations.

    Centers of Excellence

    Additionally, specific Ivy Tech campuses will serve as “Centers of Excellence” for particular topics, providing intense “boot camp” and summertime classes to serve the whole state. More information will be released as the Centers of Excellence are established.

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  • An Accelerated Way to Gain New Skills

    The main goal of non-credit skills training classes is to teach students a specific skill in a short time period to help them jump-start their careers or stay competitive in the IT industry. You can use the skills you learn in these classes to build your resume and qualify for a new or better job. Each class is designed to help you stay relevant with new trends, platforms, and software. 

    Turn Your Non-Credit into Credit Later On

    Non-credit skills training classes like those taught at the IT Academy do not earn you college credit on their own, but they may exempt you from needing to take a specific course as part of a for-credit program's curriculum in the future.

    In fact, many of the Academy's classes are designed to crosswalk into for-credit IT programs offered by Ivy Tech's School of Information Technology to give you credit for your prior learning (see table below). If your associate degree requires a course that you took previously through the Academy, you won't need to take—or pay for—it again. 

    We cannot guarantee that other colleges and universities will accept these non-credit skills training classes as a substitute for one of their courses. Regardless, the valuable skills you learn in the Academy can help you succeed in for-credit IT courses.

    Here is a list of the Academy's current classes that crosswalk into for-credit programs offered by the School of Information Technology.

    Non-Credit Skills Training Crosswalks To For-Credit Program

    AWS Cloud Practitioner

    SVAD 150 -Cloud Foundations

    AWS Solutions Architect Associate

    SVAD 220-Solutions Architect Associate

    SVAD 221-Workforce Preparation: Solutions Architect Associate Certification

    Cisco CCNA

    NETI 109 -Networking I

    NETI 119 -Networking II

    NETI 209 -Networking III

    NETI 219 -Workforce Preparation: (CCNAv7) Certification

    Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200-201

    CBROPS Exam

    CSIA 115 Cyber Ops

    CompTIA A+ Exam 1 and

    CompTIA A+ Exam 2

    ITSP 132 -IT Support Essentials I

    ITSP 134 -IT Support Essentials II

    ITSP 136 -Workforce Preparation: CompTIA A+ Certification

    CompTIA Linux+ Exam

    SVAD 116-Linux Administration I

    SVAD 117-Workforce Preparation: CompTIA Linux+ Certification

    CompTIA Mobility+ or CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

    ITSP 215 -Mobile/Wireless Computing Support

    ITSP 216 -Workforce Preparation: CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

    CompTIA Network+

    NETI 104-Introduction to Networking

    NETI 114-Workforce Preparation: CompTIA Network+ Certification

    CompTIA Project+

    CPIN 270 -Workforce Preparation -CompTIA Project+ Certification

    CompTIA Project+

    CPIN 270 -Workforce Preparation -CompTIA Project+ Certification

    CompTIA Security+

    CSIA 105-Introduction to Cyber Security/Information

    CSIA 106-Workforce Preparation: Comp TIA Security+

    EC Council -Certified Ethical Hacker

    CSIA 225 -Ethical Hacking

    LPIC 201 Linux Engineer Exam 1

    SVAD 216-Linux Administration II

    SVAD 217-Workforce Preparation: LPIC II-201 Certification

    LPIC 202 Linux Engineer Exam 2

    SVAD 250 -Linux Administration III

    SVAD 252 -Workforce Preparation: LPIC II -202 Certification

    Oracle Administration I

    DBMS 250 -Oracle Database Administration II

    DBMS 251 -Workforce Preparation: Oracle Administration Certification

    Oracle Java Programmer I

    SDEV 200 -Software Development using Java

    Oracle SQL Fundamentals -Oracle Database

    Foundations 1Z0-006

    DBMS 130 -Data Management using a Structured Query

    DBMS 131 -Workforce Prep: Oracle SQL Foundations Certification

  • Ivy Tech is proud to already offer 9 Computer and Information Technology programs, mostly through the School of Information Technology. The IT Academy will be a complement to our existing programs while filling the need for even faster workforce training. 

    Here are the key differences:

      IT Academy Existing School of IT Programs
    Credential Earned Non-credit badges, certifications, and certificates of completion to signify mastery of a specific skill For-credit short-term certificates (known as certificates), long-term certificates (known as technical certificates), and associate degrees to prepare students for higher-level roles or to transfer to a four-year university
    Length of Training A few days to a few weeks Vary by program and credential, from 8 weeks to 2 years
    What Comes Next?
    • Immediately qualify for or continue your job in the IT field
    • Take more Ivy+ IT Academy classes to gain additional skills
    • Invest more in your education by continuing on to Ivy Tech's for-credit programs through the School of Information Technology
    • Pursue a certificate to qualify for a higher position and earn more
    • Stack a technical certificate into an associate degree to qualify for an even higher position and a bigger salary
    • Transfer to a four-year university to earn a bachelor's degree and qualify for yet a higher level of jobs
  • The IT Academy is dedicated to being the most affordable boot camp-style IT educator in Indiana.

    Since the Academy is built to provide exactly what you need, as fast as possible, the investment required will be customized to your needs. This investment will vary based on a number of factors, including the industry partner the training is provided in partnership with, the number of students in a cohort, the length of the class, etc.

    If you are an individual student looking to attend the Academy, you may qualify for grants to assist with the financial cost of taking classes. Email the Academy team to discuss what your options are.

    Please contact the Academy team to discuss your training needs, and we will work with you to develop a customized investment.

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Training Made for the Future

New domains, methods, and concepts emerge daily and IT jobs requiring skilled workers are in demand by Indiana employers. With just one class at the IT Academy, you can begin your career in the tech industry!

41,000+ tech workers must be added to Indiana's workforce by 2030 to fill the demand (Source: TechPoint & Fourth Economy)


To gain further skills and grow your career over time, you can continue taking non-credit skills training classes at the Academy. You may also decide to invest more in your education by enrolling in for-credit IT courses through Ivy Tech's School of Information Technology. Classes you completed at the Academy may even count towards a variety of short-term certificates (known as certificates), long-term certificates (known as technical certificates), and associate degrees available in 9 Computer and Information Technology programs through our crosswalks.


Ivy Tech's new IT Academy is also a great fit for employers who need to train staff on the newest technologies and software. We offer customizable skills training classes for Indiana employers who need workers to learn new IT skills to increase productivity, innovation, and efficiency, and to stay competitive in today's fast-moving markets.

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