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RN Refresher Skills Lab


Refresh your RN Skills

What You’ll Learn

The lab covers seventeen areas of instruction including: how to take temperature, blood pressure, suctioning, physical assessments, and mixing insulin in one syringe. The topics are presented in a step-by-step approach with clear examples that makes learning easy and improves your understanding of the basics. The course lets you apply your learning using many drills and exercises.

Career Options

Learn the skills taught here and become successful on the job!

Class Details

Details coming soon.

Upcoming Classes

Class Location

Class Dates
  • Apr 6, 2024 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Lawrence Campus - Fairbanks Building
9301 E 59th St. Room F219 Indianapolis, IN 46216

, Instructor-Led
Contact: Tyffani Middleton,

Costs may vary by location given differences in the cost of supplies and class provider.