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QMA Insulin Yearly Retraining Certification


Stay Compliant in QMA Scope of Work

What You’ll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Define key terms related to diabetes and insulin administration.
  2. Describe the structure and function of the endocrine system related to the types of diabetes.
  3. Identify signs and symptoms associated with diabetes.
  4. Identify treatments necessary to control diabetes.
  5. Review of instructions for the safe administration of insulin.
  6. Recognize the role and responsibility for insulin administration by both the QMA and licensed health facility.

Career Options

Indiana Administrative Code 412 IAC 2-1-10 Scope of Practice states that QMAs must submit proof of a minimum of one hour per year of education in the area of insulin medication administration and basic knowledge of diabetes/endocrine system. This course satisfies the requirement.

Class Details

A QMA with insulin certification must submit proof of this education with the appropriate fee to the Indiana State Department of Health for recertification. QMA Insulin Administration training must be done through an approved Indiana State Department of Health Qualified Medication Aide Training Program by an approved Program Director. It is the responsibility of the Program Director to provide the QMA Insulin Administration Education module according to the module guidelines, such as timeframes and skilled competency evaluations. This course is one hour long.

Upcoming Classes

We’re sorry, this class is not currently scheduled at any Ivy Tech location, but it may be offered again in the future.

Contact your local Ivy Tech campus with questions about when this class may be offered.