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EMI: Asbestos Project Supervisor


Get Accredited to Lead Projects

What You’ll Learn

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OSHA now requires this level training for competent persons assigned to conduct Class I or Class II asbestos removal activities. In addition to covering the topics of the Institute's asbestos abatement worker training, this course includes training in legal liabilities and how to reduce them, how to perform pre-bid and pre-work activities, how to read an asbestos contract, and how to be an effective supervisor. In addition to completing the course and scoring at least 70% on the course exam, you must meet the individual state requirements to receive a state license. This generally involves completing the state application, paying a fee, and meeting the experience/education requirements. For example, in Indiana project supervisors must be able to demonstrate six months' experience (holding a worker card for example) as an asbestos worker or supervisor.

Career Options

Our courses are accepted for licensing in Indiana, Illinois and in states requiring only EPA approval, such as Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Call us regarding other states you might be interested in. Persons completing the supervisor initial course may also be eligible for licensing as asbestos abatement contractors.

Class Details

This course is organized under the supervision of the Ivy Tech Environmental Management Institute at the Indianapolis Campus.

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