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ChatGPT Prompt Engineering


Understand the Power of Generative AI

What You’ll Learn

This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills in Prompt Engineering, tailored explicitly for the powerful Generative AI model ChatGPT. The course is designed for various participants, including educators, corporate professionals, government staff, and individuals keen on leveraging ChatGPT in their domains.

Attendees will learn to craft effective prompts that enhance ChatGPT's utility across various applications, gaining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Career Options

As ChatGPT and generative AI continue to change the technical landscape, understanding promising practices in this area may enhance your professional portfolio, no matter what industry you're in.

Class Details

This class is in a workshop format.

Upcoming Classes

We’re sorry, this class is not currently scheduled at any Ivy Tech location, but it may be offered again in the future.

Contact your local Ivy Tech campus with questions about when this class may be offered.