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Accessing Your Ivy+ Textbooks in 3 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Register for class

Register for classes via Schedule Builder. Or, visit MyIvy or the class search page for more information about registering for courses.

Step 2: Confirm your Ivy+ textbook order 

Once registered, check your @ivytech.edu email for information from Barnes & Noble. The email will be sent within 24 hours of registering.  It will include your schedule and textbook confirmation details. Students must confirm in the BNC Ivy+ Student Portal. Confirm your Ivy+ textbook order begins 30 days before start of each semester.

Step 3: Access your Ivy+ textbooks 

Login to IvyLearn to access your digital course materials in the Ivy+ Bookshelf. For physical materials, an email will be sent to your @ivytech.edu email address when your order is ready for pickup or to notify you when it ships. Classes open in IvyLearn two days before the start of class.

Resources & Support

We have a number of resources available to students on our Ivy+ tuition website and in the MyIvy Service Portal.

Need Support?

Do you have questions or need assistance with your Ivy+ textbooks?  It is important to check your ivytech.edu email address to receive important Ivy+ information. We also have additional resources available to help!

What is Ivy+ Textbooks?

Ivy+ Textbooks means all required textbooks are one price. No more questioning the cost of books! For even more value, required textbooks are free for eligible students in the 2021-22 academic year!

Ivy+ Benefits

Ivy+ Textbooks will save students time, money, and hassle when accessing course materials.
Ivy Tech will provide all required Ivy+ textbooks to students, no more shopping around to find your textbooks.
The majority of Ivy+ textbooks will be offered digitally via IvyLearn in a seamless and streamlined process.
Access your Ivy+ textbooks today! Click the link below to get started!


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