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Job Opportunities Available for Commissioned Inspectors

Ivy Tech Community College receives several calls regularly regarding both

  • the qualifications to become a certified boiler inspector and
  • the job opportunities available for those becoming certified

The first response is for the individual to understand the requirements to becoming certified. This starts with an understanding of the point system used by the National Board in determining qualifications for becoming commissioned. This point system is outlined in our Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector's In-Service Commission Course brochure.

Regarding employment opportunities, there are generally four areas that individuals seek employment that have either taken the National Board exam and passed or are looking to enter the inspection career path. These would be:

  • the insurance industry that hired individuals for both their technical side which includes inspection of boiler and pressure vessel systems or their underwriting side that relates to the loss control/risk management aspect of insurance. For more information on insurance related job opportunities, refer to the individual insurance companies found on the External Links page
  • the local jurisdictions (individual state inspection departments) that hire individuals to inspect boiler and pressure vessels in specific jurisdictions. You may want to contact the jurisdictional boiler and pressure vessel chief in your jurisdiction. Your states'/province's chief can be located at the National Board's Member page
  • the owner/operator agencies that have been approved to do inspections
  • the companies in various industries such as utilities, petrochemical and manufacturing also hire inspectors to work for them and inspect their own equipment as-well-as boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers