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Facilities Operating Engineers Licensing Seminar First Class


Minimum Age - 18
Education - High School Diploma, GED or Equivalent
Experience - Two Years
Minimum time in previous grade - One Year
Examination - Written (Oral or Practical when necessary)
Maximum Prime Mover Horsepower (unsupervised) - 1000 HP
Maximum Boiler Size (unsupervised) HP - 300 BHP / LP Unlimited BHP
Maximum Refrigeration or Air Conditioning (unsupervised) - 500 Ton

Curriculum at the Minimum

  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Advanced Electrical Equipment Diagnostics
  • Facility Motor Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Lighting Efficiency
  • Advanced Fuels Combustion and Efficiency
  • Gas and Oil Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Boiler and Steam System Operation
  • Steam System Efficiency
  • Advanced Boiler Construction
  • Intermediate Physics and Chemistry
  • Advanced Boiler Maintenance
  • Advanced Burner Safety and Operating Control Systems
  • Heat Engines
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Facility Water Usage and Efficiency
  • Emergency Diesel Generator Operation and Maintenance
  • Pump and Valve Maintenance
  • Facility Energy Efficiency
  • Facility Building Heating and Cooling Systems Control Optimization
  • Facility Refrigeration Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Pneumatic and Electrical Controls Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Air Quality Control
  • Safety and Environmental Codes
  • Facility Maintenance Management Systems