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Earn College Credits In High School

To get an early start on your career or college degree, enroll in Ivy Tech Early College pathway programs and earn college credits now! Ivy Tech offers two Early College pathway programs: Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit. Learn more below and explore suggested degree pathways for high school students. 

Why early college?

Get an early start on your career

Ivy Tech offers associate degrees in career fields that are in high-demand by employers. 

Save on college costs

Complete an associate degree at Ivy Tech before transferring, and you could save thousands on a bachelor’s degree program. Ivy Tech degrees transfer to these and other Indiana public colleges: 


Learn more about Ivy Tech tuition.

Dual Enrollment 
An immersive college experience

High school age students can make substantial progress toward their college education by enrolling in courses at Ivy Tech Community College. Take classes online or on Ivy Tech’s campus for the full college experience and immersive, hands-on learning.  

Ivy Tech offers the lowest college tuition in the state. Regular tuition and fees apply for courses taken through dual enrollment.

The I-Complete Scholarship is available to students who only need one or two more classes to complete a credential at Ivy Tech such as a Certificate, Technical Certificate or Associates Degree. The scholarship covers tuition, technology fee and online fee. Books and consumable fees like lab fees are not included. See your high school counselor for an application or email to request an application.

Ivy+ textbooks means all required textbooks are one price. No more questioning the cost of books! For even more value, students in the 2021-2022 academic year will have the cost of required textbooks covered, for free!  

Who can enroll? 

Any high school age student currently enrolled in fall or spring semester, who demonstrates a readiness for college-level work. Readiness is determined by tests such as ACT, PSAT, SAT, or Ivy Tech’s assessment test. 

What classes should I take?

Explore Suggested Degree Pathways for high school students and talk to an Ivy Tech advisor for help enrolling in the right pathway and classes to meet your goals. Also consult with your high school guidance counselor if you intend to transfer Ivy Tech courses back to your high school to meet high school graduation requirements. 

Students should review the Indiana’s Core Transfer Library for a list of approved transfer courses between all Indiana public college and university campuses and six independent colleges and universities.

How to enroll:

Apply to Ivy Tech if you have never applied or if it has been two years since you last attended classes. There is no cost to apply. Find upcoming start dates and plan ahead.

Admissions - Contact the Ivy Tech Bloomington admissions office at (812) 330-6013 or to discuss your next steps.

Dual Enrollment Benefits

• Take classes online or on Ivy Tech's campus. 

• Choose from all Ivy Tech course offerings. 

• Full college experience: immersive, hands-on learning, student life, campus resources 

• Lowest college tuition in the state 

• Make substantial progress toward your college degree before completing high school. 

• Save on college costs and get an early start on your career! 

• Homeschool students can enroll.

Dual Credit
Courses at your high school

High school students can earn college credits by enrolling in certain dual credit courses offered at their school, taught by Ivy Tech credentialed high school faculty. 

There is no cost for dual credit classes taken at your school taught by high school faculty.

Who can enroll?
Any high school student can enroll in an approved dual credit course at their high school with their guidance counselor’s approval. To earn college credit for the course, students must demonstrate a readiness for college-level work, determined by tests such as the ACT, PSAT, SAT, or Ivy Tech’s assessment test. Students who do not acquire the necessary test score(s) for eligibility purposes will not receive college credit for the dual credit course. 

How to enroll:

Ask your high school guidance counselor about dual credit courses offered, and enroll through your school. The high school will assist students in completing the Dual Credit enrollment process, which will include completing the dual credit application.

If a student has not met dual credit course pre-requisites, he or she will be required to take Ivy Tech’s assessment test in order to earn college credit for the course.

Students must complete the dual credit course curriculum as approved by Ivy Tech. The grade earned in the course will become part of the student’s official record and appear on his or her Ivy Tech Community College transcript.

Dual Credit Benefits

• Take classes available at your school.

• No cost for courses taught by high school faculty.

• Save on college costs and get an early start on your career!